Review of 6 Piece Grey Black RS Car Seat Cover Set

    This branded RS sporty car seat cover set by Roadster in grey and black is a full car seat cover set. Which provides protection for the two front seats of your car and the rear seats as well. It is black in colour with a grey stripe down the middle and edges and has been branded on the front seats with the term RS.

    We have ranked this as our #1 full car seat cover set, read more to find out why.

    Roadster 6pce RS Car Seat Cover Set


    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    5 seats
    Seat Position
    front & rear
    40 x 30 x 14 cm
    898 g
    Next Day Delivery

    At first glance they look really good and the would match most cars as it has a universal colour to it with the black and grey. It is branded but this is only on the front seats with the word RS.


    This is a universal fitting car seat cover set which should fit your car seats very well. We believe that this will fit small and large car seats, both front and back.

    The front car seats both have their own cover with separate head rests. If you don't have these then you can still fit your driver and passenger seat covers. The rear seats come with a bottom seat and back rest covers which fit separately and just require pushing in to position. Being two piece they have a better chance of fitting your rear seats, or gives you the chance of just using the bottom or the back, depending on your needs.

    Material & Feel

    The car seat cover set is made of a thin stretchy material, it will provide all the protection you need to keep your car seats looking new for longer. This material looks good and because it is stretchy should fit more cars.

    Best Overall Car Seat Cover Set

    We have ranked this as the best car seat cover set we have tested. It's affordable, the covers have a better fit compared to other sets we have tested and would suit any car interior. We were very pleased with this set and will be continuing to use it in our car to protect our front and rear seats.


    • Universal fitting car seat cover set for both front and rear seats
    • RS branded for a sporty looking interior
    • Nice feeling material which is stretchy and comfortable to sit on
    • Not waterproof
    • Bigger cars may have trouble fitting the front car seat covers for the driver and passenger seat

    Maybe the best car seat cover set we have reviewed, it is let down by not being waterproof and also has the RS branding on the front seats. If that is not for you and want you want your interior to look like then these may not be for you.

    Great value for money and a great material which feels comfortable and fits well to almost all smaller and medium sized car seats.