Review of Audew Car Front Seat Heated Pad Cushion

    This is a review of the Audew heated car seat cushion. Winter is coming, so they say and with it, colder weather. We thought we would test out a car seat heated pad as the heating in our car takes a few minutes to warm up.

    With this heated car seat cushion, it comes with a back rest as well, so your bum and back can both be warmed up whilst sat in your car. On first impressions, this looks like a good product, read below for a more detailed write up.

    Audew car seat heater cushion


    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    Seat Position
    53cm x 40.5cm x 44.5 cm
    Next Day Delivery

    How Comfortable is the Audew Heated Car Seat Cover

    This is a comfortable heated car seat cushion, it's not very thick, but even so, still feels quite comfortable. We are more interested in the heat that it provides for this product test, but compared to the Eufab, it isn't as thick or as comfortable.

    Heat Settings

    The heat settings on this cushion are; off, low and high. The low provides a small amount of warmth which is nice for when autumn starts setting in or if the car gets too warm. As well as the low setting, it also has a high setting, this is perfect for when you first get in your car. It warms up within a couple of minutes, much quicker than your car can with its own heaters, or ours at least.

    audew heated car seat cushion

    Fitting The Audew

    This is a universal heated car seat cushion, which will fit any front car seat and could also work in the back of your car too, but it will need a car lighter extension for this. It comes with a 1.2m long cable, which is great as this heated pad has been made for a left hand drive car, so you may need to wrap it around your car seat or fit it under and through the seat to make it work with a right hand drive car.

    To hold it in place, it has an elastic strap that goes over your headrest and once plugged in, it's good to use. As you can tell, it's a simple product that does particularly well at it's intended purpose. Just put it on your car seat and you'll be warm in no time.

    • Two heat settings, low and high
    • Quite comfortable
    • Warms up your back as well as your bum, so good for back pain as well as keeping your warm in winter
    • Cable is on the wrong side for a drivers seat but is just long enough to fit
    • Not extra thick and doesn't add any more comfort to your own car seats

    Overall, great heated car seat cushion, its thin but warming. You can use it in winter for when it gets colder outside or when your car takes a while to heat up. Cable is on the wrong side for UK drivers and right hand side drive but it is long enough to get to a car lighter socket in the middle of the car.

    If you're purely looking for something to heat you up, this will do a great job, but isn't the most comfortable, it's more of a thin seat cover which has inbuilt heating wires. It is soft to touch but isn't padded, like the Eufab, Koolertron or Streetwize heated car seats.

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