Review of The Car Vac by Younik a Portable Vehicle Vacuum Cleaner

    A small handheld car vacuum cleaner by Younik, we have never heard of this brand before, but it comes with a warranty, it has the handheld and small shape of hoovers we recognise so thought we best give this a thorough testing to see how well it cleans our car interior.

    the car vac by younik portable car vacuum cleaner


    Technical Details
    Cord length
    Accessories included
    Hand held
    Remote Control
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    1200 g
    Next Day Delivery

    This is by far the smallest car hoover we have tested, that is one of the reasons we chose it. We wanted something we could pack away in the boot of our car nice and neat in the corner and get out when we wished to clean up. Our car is parked in front of our house but a good 20metres away, so instead of going the extension lead route with a mains plug hoover, we thought we'd test out some car vacuums, this being one of them.

    The hoover came with the following parts;

    • The hoover body
    • Filter
    • Hose attachment
    • Long thin attachment
    • Wide brush attachment
    • Instruction manual

    Look and Feel

    This is one of the best looking handheld car vacuums we have tested, it feels great to hold and it's an all in one hoover, there is no hose or extra pieces in the way, just the vacuum as one piece.

    younick car vacuum cleaner


    Using This Car Vacuum Cleaner

    It comes with a few attachments, the usual wide brush and thin section as well as a hose, this was a pleasant surprise, so it can fit in to gaps or areas of your vehicle that the hoover body would struggle to get in to.

    The suction, if we compared it to a manual mains plug, home hoover, it isn't half as powerful. But comparing it to the other car vacuums here it is very good. We have managed to hoover up small little pebbles and stones from the beach, sand, mud from walking in fields all quite well. The main thing here is that we cleaned up every few days so that we didn't have too many issues with picking up dirt.

    One thing we love though about it is that it can also hoover up wet spillages and messes. We often spill a bit of water in the boot when the dog is using his bowl and when that mixes up with the soil and muck that gets in there, it can be difficult to clean up by hand. This little vacuum can clean that right up with very little issues.

    Talking about our dog, the hoover struggled with the little pups hair, it managed to get a lot of the dog hair in the car but not all of it, luckily he is a short haired dog so we couldn't really see any dog hair after hoovering unless we looked very closely. At least, with the long 5m cable that came with it, we were able to get back around the side of the car and in to the boot where we keep the little fella.

    Build Quality & Parts

    This has some great quality parts, it feels solid to hold and the two parts that you want to work do so very well. They are the dustbin and the filter.

    younick car vacuum cleaner


    The dustbin clips right off, it's not the biggest but is very easy to empty. The filter as well, although does not need 'emptying' or cleaning as often as the dustbin, can be cleaned and washed to ensure a new lease of life when the hoover picks up  bit too much dust.


    • Comes with a hose as well as 2 attachment accessories
    • Long cord so you can reach any part of your car
    • Nice and light compared to the others, so good for anyone to use it
    • Considering it's size, it has a very good suction
    • Great affordable price
    • Couldn't hoover up all of the dog hair
    • Filter was tricky to get back in once we took it out to clean

    A great little car vacuum cleaner which we would highly recommend, it comes with a hose so you can use this in the smallest of parts in your car and should hoover up pretty much anything in front of it, as long as you keep on top of it and don't let it build up, remember it's still a car hoover and not a mains plug type that you use in your home.

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