Review of Carpoint Car Windscreen Squeegee and Ice Scraper

    This is a review of the Carpoint multi car window squeegee and ice scraper.

    carpoint windscreen ice scraper and squeegee


    Technical Details
    Self Inflating
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    17 x 15 x 4.5 cm
    100 g
    Next Day Delivery

    The Carpoint multi purpose squeegee and ice scraper was at hand and ready for our first morning of frost and ice. We were up early, before sunrise, which isn't hard through winter and outside as the sun was rising. We needed to use the car that morning to take our little pup to the vet, so we had to be up, outside and the car ready in a few minutes.

    We started the car, left it in idle and put the windscreen heaters on full. Outside of the car we started to scrape with the carpoint ice scraper. It was a thin frosty build up of ice and we managed to get through the whole front windscreen in less than 2 minutes with this carpoint car accessory. It was pretty easy and worked well, we were satisfied but not completely sold on this Carpoint windscreen de-icer.

    Why? Well, as pushing through the ice was rather easy, it pulled off a good amount as we scraped forwards, it only did so on the centre few inches, were the energy was obviously being transferred from the handle we were pushing with.

    The outside edges of the scraper must have flexed up a little and didn't sit in line with the centre of the scraper. So it did do it's job, it just may as well have been just a few inches wide rather than what it's full width currently is.

    Something we noticed with other reviews online is to check the plastic that it doesn't have any problems with it and is fully straight, you don't want to cause any scratches to your windscreen when scraping ice.

    Multipurpose Ice Scraper and Squeegee

    This tool isn't just an ice scraper, it's also a squeegee as well and we actually used it after cleaning our car to help dry it off. It did a slightly better job than the ice scraper side, it managed to scrape and remove all of the water. It had a downside though, there is a metal edge on this side and this could easily scrape and scratch your windscreen or paintwork if you're not careful.

    • It's a multi purpose ice scraper and squeegee so can do two jobs rather than one
    • Really good price at less than £10
    • Squeegee is good
    • Doesn't fit in a pocket, not the smallest ice scraper out there
    • The ice scraper doesn't work fully along it's full width

    A good ice scraper to de-ice your cars windscreen but you could get a smaller product if you're only after an ice scraper and not a dual multi purpose tool.