Review of Flamingo Universal Car Dog Guard Barrier

    A very simple stand up dog guard barrier for your car. It has two upright legs which extend and lock with twisting to fit in your car boot and stop your dog getting from the boot in to the back seats and making a mess.

    flamingo dog guard barrier


    Technical Details
    Fits boot width
    Maximum width 1.4m
    Fits boot height
    Maximum height 1m
    Remote Control
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    Seat Position
    82 x 14 x 6.5 cm
    3500 g
    Next Day Delivery

    At first glance, this is not the prettiest of best looking of guard barriers but it looks strong. Once we fitted it though it was not as strong as we first thought it would be. The locks on the upright legs which lock the guard in to position need to be twisted quite hard when it's in position for the guard to stay.

    It does fit in to position quite well, but because it doesn't have any other way of fixing the guard to the car other than with the pressure of the feet on the floor and roof of the cars boot it means that a bigger dog could knock it out of position or move it with some force.

    The instructions were not very good but once it was unpackaged it didn't take too long to fit it all together and get it in to our boot. Just make sure you check your boots dimensions as this will fit in a boot height of 1m high, from floor to roof.

    One thing we noticed about the metal bars which we didn't like is that the dogs paws and legs can still get through. This is fine if you don't have people sat on your rear seats. But on one of our adventures out with family, our dog was able to claw my sisters head and also get his muddy paws all over their shoulders and clothing.

    • Very affordable dog guard
    • Will stop your dog from entering the rear seats of your car
    • Bad instructions, don't really explain how to put it together and fit in to the boot
    • Only held in place by the pressure of the feet on the floor and roof
    • It's cheap to buy but is also flimsy, the price relates to how it works somewhat
    • Your dogs paws can get through and hit people on the rear seats

    We don't have any headrests in our Fiat Panda so there is a huge gap that our dog can just jump through to get to the back seats and rest of the car, we were quite happy with this dog guard after a few journeys, it kept our small dog in the boot and wasn't expensive either. If you have a bigger dog or want to move it from car to car then we wouldn't recommend.

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