Review of Frostfire Universal Boot Liner and Protector

    This is a review of the Frostfire universal boot liner and protector. A large water resistant boot protector which can be used to protect the interior of your boot from getting dirty and wet when your dog is inside or you're transporting garden waste or similar.

    frostfire universal car boot liner protector


    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    Seat Position
    38.6 x 29.4 x 3.6 cm
    1200 g
    Next Day Delivery

    Here we have an easy to clean, wipeable, hard wearing, water resistant boot liner. This boot protector can help keep your boot clean and dry, free from dog hair and dirty paws.

    Size and Fit

    A very large boot liner which is universal and should fit most boots out there. Fitting the boot liner is very simple but is not its strongest point. It comes with straps and poppers to go over the head rests and velcro which is meant to hold the sides of the boot liner up. The velcro is not the strongest and would not hold up to large dogs being in the boot moving about.


    It is made of heavy duty material which will keep water and other liquids off of your boot liner and carpet. Most importantly will keep dog hair on top of the liner and stop it from getting where you don't want. When the boot liner gets dirty from your dogs mucky paws or from other debris that is brought in, it seems really easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

    We believe if you were to put anything extra in the boot, such as logs, garden waste or other hard materials, this boot liner will withstand what you put in and still keep your boot looking great.


    Frostfire universal boot liner


    If you went out for a day at the beach and put your wetsuits and other sandy clothes and equipment in the boot, this liner will do a great job. When you remove everything when you get home, you can dry wipe the liner or remove it easily and shake it off.

    • Very tough, hard wearing and water resistant material
    • Fits all car boots, universal fitting and very large
    • Boot liner extends down below the rear bumper when the boot is open
    • Not completely waterproof material
    • Velcro for the side of the boot walls does not stick very well so the liner droops down

    Maybe the best boot liner we have reviewed, it's a really good price for a protector that will keep your boot clean and tidy. It's not got the best fittings so won't fit to the sides very well but it does strap on to the rear seats and extends down to the rear bumper which protects the outside of your car too.

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