Review of Ipow Silicone Pad Non Slip Dash Mat

    This is a review of the Ipow silicone non-slip dash mat

    Ipow Silicone Pad Non Slip Dash Mat


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    The package includes one silicone pad and 2 pairs of phone holder parts for 2 different sizes. It is easy to put together the phone holder clamps go into the end holds and then it is pushed to the correct level for your phone. 

    Ipow Silicone Pad Non Slip Dash Mat


    This device is specifically designed for your phone in mind. My phone managed to sit firmly in place both horizontally and vertically.

    Ipow Non Slip Dash Mat


    Personally I found putting the phone horizontally worked best, it seemed more secure, it gave you a better view over the top of your phone to the windscreen and you can access the phone charger port on your phone easier when in the horizontal position as when it is vertical there is not a lot of clearance between the phone charger and the base of the holder.

    I guess this would depend on the type of phone you have and where the phone charger port is which is great you have the option of both horizontal and vertical positioning. With two different size phone holder options as seen below this helps to provide a stable environment for most phones. 

    Ipow Silicone Pad Non Slip Dash Mat

    The Ipow dash mat and holder seems to have had a number of updates to get to this point, the last update being the internal metal sheets now make the slideaway and hook tighter, I have not used the predecessor of the product but it does hold your phone tightly and even when the car comes to a sudden stop. 

    You do need to find a flat and clean surface of your dash to attach the silicone pad too otherwise it will not stay properly. I would also say that you would need to make sure you had then locked your phone once you put it into the holder as the actual clamps of the holder could accidentally turn something on. 



    • Your phone can be places vertically or horizontally
    • Support cradle can be adjusted to fit your phone specifically
    • No glue or magnets needed
    • Your phone is locked into place, will not fly out at a sudden emergency stop
    • Easy to put together
    • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
    • Great phone storage solution 
    • Only works on flat surfaces, not curves of the dash board
    • Difficult to attach a charging cable to the phone while the phone is in vertical position

    Designed for your phone whatever its size and whether your driving style. This is a great addition to your car, just make sure your car dash is clean before use. 

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