Review of PawHut Dog & Puppy Car Booster Seat

    This is a small dog and puppy car booster seat which will only fit dogs of up to 10kg in weight.

    pawhut dog car seat boosters
    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    Seat Position
    passenger seat
    38 x 38 x 24 cm
    Next Day Delivery

    Are you after a booster seat box for your small dog? Want to keep them safe and in position to stop them running about or falling down from the seat.

    We had it fitted in just a couple of minutes and ready to put our little dog in. The only requirement is that you have a head rest for the straps to fit around, using these actually give it strength. When we fitted it we pulled the straps up and lifted the booster dog seat up to the window, this is an amazing feature which isn't seen in many products like this. So if you have a small dog and want them to be able to see outside, this is perfect for it.

    dog car seat booster

    This cute little dog seat booster hangs around the top of your car seat headrest and holds it above the actual seat in a boosted position. It has adjustable straps so that you can actually choose the height of the seat and where you want to put it.

    pawhut dog car seat booster


    It comes with a front zip pocket so you can put some important doggy things in and side mesh which the dog can see out of. As well as a leash which you can attach a dog lead too to keep them secure.

    Due to the size of it, you won't be able to fit any dog bigger than 10kg, our little pup is now 12kg and has put 2kg on in just a few weeks. It was though a really good fit for him when he was lighter and smaller but has just grown out of it. We have now moved him on to a car seat cushion on the back seats.

    One thing we noticed as he grew bigger is that the bottom, which is quite sturdy, started to fall through a little and bend. So we'd recommend putting in another piece of hard material or a pillow so that it doesn't bend completely.

    • Lifts the dog up on the car seat for a better view and position, they can see out of the window.
    • Keeps the dog secure in a little basket on a seat of your choice with its harness attachment
    • Has a pocket on the front for snacks or other doggy things
    • Can be taken off and put in a different vehicle in minutes
    • Can be folded up and put flat and kept out of the way and
    • Bottom is made of hard material but can bend, so maybe fit a small pillow or dog bed
    • Only fits dogs of up to about 10kg in it

    An awesome little dog car seat holder and booster. Unlike others which just sit on the seat, this one can be lifted up so the dog can see out. It's not the most comfortable but a small dog bed or pillow in the bottom will help improve that. This is more of a protective and secure seat booster than a comfortable seat cushion which you just place on the car seat.

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