Review of Sakura Full Car Seat Cover Set in Black & Silver

    This is a review of the Sakura full car seat cover set. It comes in black and silver so will suit most car interiors. It is made of nylon and you get a full car seats set with this product.

    If you are after protecting your car seats from dirty feet or soiled clothes and spillages, then take a further look at this review to find out more about how we find this product.

    sakura car seat cover set


    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    5 seats
    Seat Position
    front & rear
    43.4 x 31.8 x 9.9 cm
    907 g
    Next Day Delivery

    Made of nylon and comes with all car seat covers, this Sakura car seat cover set will cover and protect your front drivers and passenger seats along with the rear seats of the car. At first glance, this product looks good but upon fitting it to test out, the nylon is not of the highest quality but it does look ok when fitted.

    Fitting The Car Seat Cover Set

    Fitting this set, which we've found with others is not too hard, it's easier with the front seats than the rear. You will need a small to medium sized car seats for this set to best fit and anything on the larger size may not be able to use it.

    If you have headrests on the back seats you will find it a bit more difficult to fit than the front seats which just slip over the edges around the seat. You will also find that there is no seat belt clip hole, which we have seen on a few car seat cover sets.

    The front seat covers leave a gap around the edge of your seats so that the airbags are still fine and not blocked by this cover when on the driver or passenger seats.

    Material & Technology

    There is nothing really special to talk about regards the material, it's not waterproof but it is washable. The material is thin but will keep the worst of the dirt and muck off of your car seats. If you work with oil, paintor anything of substance this cover may not entirely protect your car but it would keep up with an adventurous family who get out and about and have a dirty dog in the car too.

    • Easy to fit to the front seats
    • Looks great when fitted in your car
    • Keeps off the dirt and muck that your family and pets may bring in to the car
    • Airbag compatible on your front driver and passenger seats
    • Very affordable price for a full car seat cover set
    • Not waterproof
    • Does not fit all cars even though it states it is universal
    • Rear seat belt clips are hidden behind the back seat cover which you will have to cut a hole to make them work

    A very cheap and affordable car seat cover set, you will protect your car seats from most dirt, muck and wet dogs. This cover set though does not fit all cars, uses a thin nylon material which isn't waterproof.