Review of Sea To Summit Traveller Soft Racks

    This is a review of the Sea To Summit Traveller Soft Racks. It is one of the pricier travel racks for your vehicle we look at whether its worth paying that little bit more for.


    Sea To Summit Traveller Soft Racks

    Technical Details
    Self Inflating
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Sea To Summit
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    Seat Position
    driver seat
    43 inches (110 cm) length x 8 inches (19 cm) width x 2.5 inches (8 cm) height
    Next Day Delivery

    The Setup

    To set up the roof rack requires placing the two foam pads roughly where you want them on the top of your car,  the grip lining underneath the pads provide extra resistance and I feel also helps when securing the rack on. Then you will need to open the car doors and feed the attachment along the inner side of the car roof. Ideally they are positioned evenly to accommodate whether you have a 3 or 5 door vehicle. What is great about these is it will work well with either. Once fed through you just need to tighten them into place. I did have concerns about how this would hold up in bad weather and did notice a slight amount of rain come down the attachment however this could be to do with the actual attachment becoming wet. 

    Once you've tightened up both racks and your ready to put your gear on top there are a number of points along the daisy chain centre of the foam pad to attach your equipment too. The different points mean that you can transport both narrow, long or wide objects such as Kayaks, SUP boards, furniture. 

    The Material

    These soft racks are large in size allowing transportation of a range of large sized objects. The soft padding is great for providing a cushion for the object your are transporting and it is also good for the car, I was happy knowing no scratches or dents would appear from this type of roof rack system. 

    The Functionality

    While driving with the roof racks in use, they appeared stable and strong and I had no worries they would come loose at all. Due to the easy and quick attachment of the Sea To Summit soft racks means it can be stored away easily when not in use. If you regularly transport kayaks or surfboards but not so often that you would keep it applied all the time, if can be stored folded away in the boot or under your car seats. 

    • Large rack
    • very good for carrying SUP boards, Kayaks
    • Easy to attach
    • Quick to fit
    • Grip on base provides extra security
    • Saves on fuel cost of a permanent roof rack
    • Ideal as a temporary measure that can be carried within the car when not in use
    • Usable with a rental car
    • Does not leave any roof rack scratches on top of the vehicle
    • Important to make sure secure tightly
    • If it rains you may get a few drips of rain come into the car where the straps come in
    • Not as long as some permanent roof racks available designed for carrying long kayaks/boards

    The Sea to Summit traveller soft roof racks provide a gentle solution to your car, leaving no trace or scratch behind as you easy whip it off as quickly as you put it on. It provides strong and stable transportation for objects even of a large size. This roof rack is multipurpose and would suit many different car owner whether as a temporary measure for a rental vehicle, for an occasional kayker or your everyday surfer.