Review of Sealer ShelterLogic Carport Shelter

    Another simple carport shelter that you can put up in a couple of hours by yourself and protect your car permanantley or even as a temporary shelter for working on your car.

    sealey shelter logic carport shelter


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    So this carport took a little bit longer to put up than the other temporary, foxhunter car shelter. Even though we have put up plenty of gazebos, tents and the other carports before.

    We set up and mounted the Shelter Logic carport on rough ground, we had fitted others down before to the ground but just placed this one on the grass/gravel mix as we would be using it for a night or two to store bicycles and a small car when we have family and friends visiting and they bring their bikes. We really don't have the space in our house and prefer to keep all bicycles dry when we can. It's also perfect for storing multiple bikes and being able to work and clean them. Keeping your bikes maintained is important and doing that in the dry, under a car shelter is even better.

    Another reason to use a shelter like this is as a portable garage and also if the weather gets really bad for few days, you can set this up and protect your car from snow, tree branches falling from above or even bird poo.

    shelterlogic carport shelter


    This probably wouldn't be the best permanent carport as once we had assembled it, the cover sagged a bit on top. If you live in an area that has a lot of snow or rain, this will collect on top. The good thing is that it doesn't end up on your car but it will need knocking off at least once a day.

    Comparing it to the other temp shelter, the FoxHunter, this one has pockets at the bottom of each front and back door panel flaps. You can place in these extra weight to help hold them down and when rolling up to have open entrances if you are working under it or using it.

    If you are after instructions and a guide for buidling and setting up your ShelterLogic Auto Shelter then watch the video below. This actually gave us a clearer view of how to assemble the carport garage than the written instructions which came with the product when it was delivered.


    • Waterproof, windproof and very sturdy temporary structure you can use for keeping your car safe
    • Can be built in less than a day and easier to do so if you watch the instructional video below on how to build and put together.
    • Really good price, quarter of the price compared to the more heavy duty carports.
    • Found it hard to get the sheeting and cover really tight
    • Don't like the colour, its a greyish yellow, would have preferred a green one, but there are other options online by ShelterLogic and other companies

    Overall, a good shelter if you use it as a temporary structure, if you want something more permanant and live in a bad weather location, maybe it's not the one for you. If you will be using it for a few days at a time then this could be perfect for you.