Review of Universal Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover in Black

    This is a review of the plush leather steering wheel cover, which is a universal fit and comes in a number of different colours.

    leather steering wheel cover


    Technical Details
    Self Inflating
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    38.6 x 36.8 x 5.1 cm
    768 g
    Next Day Delivery

    On arrival, it came packaged in a foam protector which means that it wasn't creased nor bent before we fitted it to our cars steering wheel. This is a great positive as it means its easier to fit and looks great straight away.

    Once fitted, which didn't take long, we realised it was a very thick steering wheel cover. Thicker than the others by a few mm, which is a lot when you are used to a thin steering wheel. The grip that it offers is great though but if you have dainty hands, it may not be for you.

    leather steering wheel cover


    It is a handmade and sewn steering wheel cover and grips on to your steering wheel very tightly. You can feel that it was made well when using it in your car.

    The leather feels good, is comfortable to hold and grip when steering and the stitching looks great. We have the all-black cover but it comes with different colour trims and thread if you want something to match your car. Like in the picture above it has a red trim holding it all together and it looks great.

    leather steering wheel cover insert grip rubber


    By far the best feature we have seen is the rubber insert on the inside. It is grippy and made of rubber so when you are driving, you know it is secure and will not slip. Comparing it to the others, it has the best inside as the others were either plasticy or the same material on the outside. This is a well finished product and you can tell they have thought about the smaller yet important details.


    • Best lookin leather steering wheel cover we have tested, really looks plush and there are other colours to choose from too
    • Once fitted, it isn't going to slip around anywhere, which is a great safety feature
    • Not too expensive for something that you will be holding for all of your car journeys
    • If you have small hands, it may be too thick for you unless you have a very thin steering wheel already
    • Ours came in packaging that held it in a nice circle, ready to fit, we have read reviews that others came folded

    Best looking leather steering wheel cover we have tested, feels amazing in the hands and completely secure, worth every penny. Just choose the colour that will suit your car and if you are having difficulties fitting your steering wheel cover, check our tips at the top of this page.

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