Review of Wheel to Pedal Car Steering Wheel Lock

    An old kroolok "crook lock" style pedal to steering wheel security lock but brand new and made in Germany to fit all cars and vans.

    pedal to car steering wheel lock
    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    65 x 15 x 2 cm
    1500 g
    Next Day Delivery

    If you are after a steering wheel lock and extra security and don't want your steering wheel to get damaged or have something potentially moving about, which the other steering wheel locks can all do, then this could be the security device you're after.

    This is a big once piece steel rod which has two hooks, one on each end. One end fits on to your brake or clutch pedal and the other fits to the bottom of your steering wheel. It comes in bright yellow, so can be seen from outside of the car and is therefore a visible deterrent as well as an actual security device.

    Really simple locking mechanism, once you have slid the pole to the right length and the hooks pull on the pedal and car steering wheel, you just lock it in place. If you were to try and move the steering wheel, it will jam and be unusable and if you try to pull the rod off, it won't budge as it's jammed between these two parts of your car. Great idea to make the pedal you have attached it to unusable as well as the steering.


    • Very simple to use
    • Fits all cars, vans, campervans and other vehicles as long as it has a pedal and steering wheel
    • Really solid, heavy duty security device
    • Bright yellow so is a visible deterrent as well
    • Good price compared to the others we have tested
    • Comes with two keys

    An amazing old style design car security device that has been re-invented and works like a charm. Really simple device and really robust, just fix between your pedal and steering wheel of your vehicle and thats it. Not too expensive and cheaper than the Stoplocks.