2019 Mini Cooper E Electric Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

2019 Mini Cooper E Electric Expected To Take The Electric Car Market By A Storm

It has been almost 10 years since the first Mini was introduced to us. In 2008, the company sent out 20 test vehicles in the market in an attempt to access the level of acceptance and the actual demand for an all electric vehicle. At that time, it seemed as if the company will very soon launch a fully electric Mini in the market, but the wait is still on. However, it is now expected that 2019 will indeed see the electric Mini go on sale.

The official name of this vehicle has not been announced, but the rumor mills say that you can expect this model to be called the 2019 Mini Cooper E Electric. The first preview of this Mini Cooper E was given to us by the company at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Promises From The Vehicle

The company has come up with many different ideas and themes for the electrification of this vehicle. They want to give the vehicle a sporty feel and character. They want to make sure that driving this Mini Cooper E is a lot of fun for the customers. The company is promising its customers that along with a lot of efficiency, they will also experience a great driving pleasure with this car.

The First Look

The new 2019 Mini Cooper E Electric is not going to be very different from the current lineup of cars offered by the company. Both in terms of the appearance as well as the character of the vehicle, there are hardly going to be any major changes or surprises. In fact, at the very first glance, the Mini Cooper E looks very similar to the 3 door hatchback. It is only on taking a closer look at the vehicle, that you will be notice a couple of differences.

The Looks

The looks of the Mini Cooper E are similar to those of the Mini Hatch. However, Mini Cooper E is going to be wider in size and will have shorter overhangs. The waistline of the new vehicle is going to be taller as well. As far as the designing of the vehicle is concerned, there are many unique tweaks you will notice, that draw your attention straight towards the all electric power train that is hidden under the skin of the car. The surfaces of the car have been made smoother and simpler. This helps in increasing the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. The door handles have been recessed into the body of the vehicle. The fringes of the vehicle are loomed by muscular body kit lines, mimicking cooling fans. The front of the car has been fitted with hexagonal grille, which highlights the electric credentials of the vehicle. An accent bar, yellow in color, has an ‘E’ badge attached on it and this bar helps in emphasizing the width of the vehicle. The restyled headlights also serve the same purpose.

The Wheels

The wheels of this vehicle are extremely striking and come in a retro four stroke alloy design. They have been sculpted aerodynamically. The 3D printing technology has been used for the partial construction and designing of these wheels.

The Interiors

Similar to Mini hatch, this vehicle is also going to be a five seater, offer a good boot space and a latest infotainment system fitted.

The Engine

The company has still kept under wraps some of the important details about the vehicle, one of them being the range of the car. Based on the assumption that 2019 Mini Cooper E Electric will pose a direct challenge to vehicle like Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, it can be expected that this vehicle will offer a range of around 180 miles on a complete charge. The electric motor, which is a part of the updated BMW i3, is going to be used in Mini Cooper E as well. With engine will provide you with a power of 168 bph and a range of 186 miles. The company may also explore the idea of offering a range extender. In this case, a small petrol motor will be fitted in the vehicle, and this will help in charging the vehicle’s battery while it is on the move. With this range extender, you can expect the range of the vehicle to increase to 205 miles.

Price And Release Date

The 2019 Mini Cooper E Electric is going to be the top model of the company, and therefore, you can expect the price of this vehicle to be higher than the price of the rest of the lineup of the company. The expected starting price for this vehicle is somewhere around £23,000. However, there is no official confirmation from the company’s side about the exact price of the vehicle. You can hope to see this vehicle available for sale in the markets in the year 2019.

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