• All-Season Excellence: The Michelin Primacy LTX is an all-season tire, ensuring consistent traction whether you’re driving on a sunny day or navigating through light snow. It’s branded with the M+S symbol, showcasing its adaptability to multiple terrains and weather conditions.
  • Fuel Efficiency: In today’s world, where every drop of fuel counts, the Primacy LTX stands out. Michelin’s latest generation of tread compounds ensures low rolling resistance, translating to improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Quiet & Comfortable Ride: No one likes a noisy ride. Thanks to the MICHELIN® Comfort Control Technology™, the Primacy LTX offers a ride that’s not only smooth but also significantly quieter. This technology uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to reduce vibrations and road noise.
  • Longevity with Warranty: Durability is a hallmark of Michelin tires. The Primacy LTX comes with a 55,000-mile limited warranty for T-rated sizes. The MaxTouch Construction™ ensures that the tire’s contact with the road is maximized, distributing the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering evenly, leading to longer wear.
  • Safety and Performance: All Michelin tires, including the Primacy LTX, come with a Standard Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, covering defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original usable tread or for 6 years from the date of purchase.

Available Tire Sizes

Last update was on: September 23, 2023 6:24 pm
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