Review of Delta Disney Cars Bed for Toddlers

    This is a review of the Delta Disney Cars Bed for Toddlers, a bed made of steel and plastic which has the Cars branding and great for moving your child from the cot up to a bigger bed.

    delta disney toddlers car bed


    Technical Details
    Self Inflating
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Accessories included
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    76.83 (width) by 66.68 (height) by 145.16 (depth) cm
    7000 g
    Next Day Delivery

    This is the only branded car bed we have reviewed and it's by Disneys Cars. Quite fitting for a small childs first real bed. It is made of steel and plastic and is the lightest we are comparing. It has Lightning McQueen as the footboard and is a very sturdy bed, once assembled.

    Because it is made of steel and plastic, it has more parts to it than the others, but again, comes flatpacked and you have to construct some of it yourself.  We have included a video at the bottom which walks you through the assembly of the disney cars car bed.

    delta disney cars bed


    We have seen online that you should be fine using your crib mattress with this product, so you don't need to buy a new mattress for it, which is great.

    Like the others, its a low bed so falling out wont be too much of a problem as the height isn't big. It is made of plastic sections which fit around the metal frame that you construct and finishes of the bed really well. The downside to this is that some of these stickered parts, on the plastic section can be taken off by a child. If your kid is destructive, we'd watch out for this.

    Were this bed is really let down is with the support for the mattress, it just isn't as strong as it doesn't have struts going along the whole length of it. Unlike the others which have either wooden slats along the length or is completely solid from end to end.

    If your child isn't too big or jumps up and down a lot on their bed (which isn't many) then this bed may need extra supports fitting underneath, a large wooden sheet would be perfect upgrade for it.



    • Great price
    • If your child likes Disney Cars then they'll like this
    • Low to the ground for safety reasons
    • Can use your previous mattress


    • Not the strongest and may need an extra support under the mattress if they are to play on the bed
    • Stickers can come off easily as it's the stickers that make the car what it is, it's not the best
    • Not the easiest to assemble, doing it with 2 people will help

    A nice little car bed for your young child for them to upgrade out of their cot or smaller bed. Problem is that it isn't shaped as well as the others, like an actual car, nor is it the strongest. There are better looking ones out there, but for the money it's still a good investment if your kid would like a Disney Cars bed.

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