Review of Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240


    This is a review of the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer - 67000mAh lithium-ion battery pack and external power supply. This solar-ready generator pairs well with Jackery Solar Saga 100W capable of powering and charging your phones, tablets, laptops, heaters or heating blankets with its multi connectors.



    Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240


    Technical Details
    all seasons
    Self Inflating
    Warranty length
    2+1 years
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    2990 g
    Next Day Delivery

    We are reviewing this Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer - 67000mAh lithium-ion battery pack which can power pretty much anything you chuck at it. You can charge this from a solar panel Jackery Solar Saga 100W, so you can charge it at home before you leave and then topping up using the solar as you go - best of both worlds! Alternatively, when the sun gets moody, you can top it up from the 12V car outlet. Again, we would recommend charging from the wall outlet before you go - that is unless you are up for a long drive as it can take about 6.5 hours to charge from 0 to full using the 12V. 

    Features & Specs

    It can charge all phones and tablets off of USB, digital camera batteries or cameras if they charge by USB. It can also charge the most popular branded laptops - I have a Asus laptop and and my partner has a Sony 13" laptop and it is good enough for a couple of charges. It can also charge things like mini coolers or 12V portable kettles such as this Spardar or Onever kettle. 

    Smartphones: 20 - 24 charges

    Tablets: 6-8 charges

    Laptops: 2+ charges

    Drones: 3+ charges 

    Outputs: 230V, 200W (400W peak) Pure sine wave for laptops, mini coolers, TVs, etc., 12V/10A, 120 Watt for cameras and two USB 5V/2.4A for smartphones  

    Recharge Time: 6 hours from UK wall socket. 

    It is good for over 1000+ charge cycles being lithium polymer, the same thing you'll find in laptops, car batteries and other high power draining electrical items.


    Whats in the box:

    • 1*Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station (240Wh)
    • 1*AC Adapter
    • 1* Car Charger Cable
    • 1* User Manual


    Charging and Running Electrical Devices

    You can run a notebook or laptop with this sufficiently without having a battery in your own laptop, that is just amazing and great for older laptops that have dead batteries that you use in the home like a desktop.

    You can charge multiple devices at the exact same time which is great if you want to charge a laptop and other USB charged devices but it might obviously be a bit slower than from the socket at home.


    • Will charge tablets, mobiles and laptops multiple times 
    • Can charge your digital camera via USB or even its batteries using your camera battery charger
    • You can charge and power multiple devices at the same time, 2 phones, camera batteries and a laptop will all get recharged and powered
    • You can charge or run other electrical devices too, some telescopes, smart watches that need charging or USB headtorches, all should be fine, just check their currents
    • You can charge this via a 12V car cigarette lighter or solar panels
    • Comes with 2 year warranty and an extra year if you register so 3 years





    If you need a battery for an extended stay when you're off on an adventure in the woods for a few days and you're driving there. This will be great to keep in the car or with you so that you can charge the electrical items you are using on your adventure.

    Its bulky so this isn't going to go backpacking with you, but camping, trips in a campervan, days out with electrical devices, this will cover all of them and more, especially because you can charge it using the solar panel or in your car when driving. Your family and friends will be thanking you when you can all charge your phones at the campsite without any hassle and you might even make some new friends of those less fortunate who need a charge. 

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