Review of Luv Pets X-Large Luxury Dog Seat Cover

A review of the Luv Pets Extra Large Luxury Rear Dog Seat Cover which can be found on Amazon. This looks like one of the best seat covers we have reviewed, it looks to have answered all problems we have seen with cheaper car seat covers and has plenty of extras. Below you’ll find out more about it as we take it through it’s paces and see if it’s good enough for your dog and lifestyle.


Where do we start with this review, this is at first glance, one of the best seat covers we have had the pleasure to review. Our little cocker spanial cross is going to be driven around in style, in comfort and most importantly, it looks like it will do a great job of keeping our rear car seats clean and free from dirt, mess and moisture.

luv pets x large back seat dog cover


This car has one of the best chances to fit your cars rear seats. It has been made to fit small cars and large cars. It comes with quick release fastenings so that it can be used in one or more of your cars and moved from one to the other easily and quickly. When moving it from one car to the other or taking it out if not travelling with your dog, you can easily pack it away in it’s original packaging which can be left in the boot or nearby.

luv pets x large back seat dog cover

You can fit this to protect just the rear seat back and bottom, where your bum goes. The rest of the material will fit down in to the footwell, this is great if you want other people sitting on the rear seats as well as your cat, dog or pet. You can use this configuration if your dog is strapped in to the rear seatbelt.

luv pets x large back seats dog cover

It can also be set up so that it covers the rear of the front seats and side of the car internally too. This makes it work more like a hammock and with that, you know that every part of your cars rear seats are 100% protected from muck, dirty and any other mess or liquids.


This rear dog seat cover protector also comes with gaps in the cover for you to clip your dog in to a seat belt clip or to even fit your childs car seats. If you aren’t using your seat belt with your dog, you can actually cover these gaps up and be 100% sure that nothing will get through on to your car seats, which includes dog hair.

luv pets x large backseat dog cover


Pros & Cons

  • Unlike all other car seat covers, this comes with side flanks so will protect your cars side doors internally too
  • Quilted and padded, so not only will it protect your cars seats, it will keep your dog comfortable and happy
  • Non slip rubber added to the underside so that this car seat cover will not move around
  • Quick release fastenings, so if you have more than one car, you can move this from one to the other quickly

Conclusion & where to buy

One of the best, if not the best car seat cover we have reviewed for a dog or your pet. You have to spend a bit more to get this product but it definitely has been thought about. Should fit your car and protect it for years to come.

Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof JOEJOY Dog Car Hammock With Mesh Window And Side Flaps, Back Seat Dog Cover For Dogs Scratch Proof Nonslip Pet Seat Protector Cover For Most Cars/SUV
as of September 21, 2023 12:12 am


152 x 145 x 1 cm


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