Review of Fiat Ducato Heavy Duty Van Seat Covers

    Review of the Fiat Ducato heavy duty van seat cover set, which comes in grey and fits a single front drivers seat and 2 passenger seat bench.

    The product description states that these seat covers are actually universal but are advertised for a Fiat Ducato van. After closer inspection we have seen that they should fit in other vans that have a single front drivers seat and a 2 person passenger bench seat.

    If you are after protecting your car interior, seats from spillages, pets, dirt whilst you work, these could be for you.

    fiat ducato van seat covers


    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    3 seats
    Seat Position
    driver seat
    passenger seat
    Next Day Delivery

    Even though the product title states that these are specifically for Fiat Ducato, the description says otherwise. We have tested them and they are actually a near perfect fit for a Ducato van. So, if you have similar sized van seats then this cover set would still work for you.

    It is made of nylon and pretty hard wearing, we have only tested for a while and only time will tell if the seams and material last but at first glance it seems very strong.

    The material is quite thick and would protect from most spillages, paint, liquids or dirt that you bring in from your days work as a trades person or commercial work. It is fully water proof and when we threw water over it it just ran off and we were very happy with it.

    The van seat cover set can be cleaned very easily by wiping it down with a damp cloth and then either letting it dry or by toweling it dry.


    When fitting, you can still use the arm rest of the drivers seat as this cover does not go over it. The 2 person passenger seat bench has a hole with velcro on it to allow for the seat belt clip to pop through which means you can still use the seat belts. It has been well thought out and even though it is meant for a Fiat Ducato, would fit other vans as well. The covers take just a couple of minutes to fit the seats and they are then ready and protected for your journeys.


    • Affordable price
    • Fully waterproof so no problems with paint on your clothes or liquids being spilled
    • Easy to fit, just takes a couple of minutes to fit to your front van seats
    • States universal seat cover set in the description but this would be better of as just a Fiat Diable seat cover set
    • Seams may not be the strongest but only time will tell

    Overall a good looking, affordable seat cover set for your Fiat Ducato, or other van with similar seat arrangement. Feels heavy duty and is fully waterproof but only time will tell if this seat cover set lasts through thorough use.