Dent repair cost estimator

Dent repair cost estimator

The most frequent query that body shops encounter is regarding the PDR price. On average, Paintless Dent Repair charges hover between $100 and $150 for smaller dents, $120 to $300 for mid-sized ones, and can even exceed $1,500 for intricate damages. It’s vital to note that the fee isn’t solely for the repair, but also for the technician’s skillset. Additional charges might be incurred for repairing aluminium panels, double panels, elevated vehicles, ribbed panels, or oversized dents.

The dent’s placement can significantly affect the dent repair price. For instance, dents on the roof, especially those caused by hail, could be pricier since accessing the roof is challenging and might necessitate stripping the entire inner roof. Similarly, dents near a panel’s edge can be more challenging to mend, potentially raising the PDR fee.

Estimating dent repair costs

As highlighted earlier, the final PDR cost is influenced by various factors. Consider the following figures as rough estimates, excluding additional charges. Ultimately, only the PDR specialist or body shop can provide an accurate cost.

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