Review of Mpow Grip Pro 2 Dashboard Car Phone Holder

    This is a review of Mpow Grip Pro 2 Dashboard Car Phone Holder

    Mpow Grip Pro 2 Dashboard Car Phone Holder


    Technical Details
    Self Inflating
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Warranty length
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    7.2 x 5.7 x 19.8 cm
    Next Day Delivery

    The Grip Pro 2 arrives in a box dismantled into a number of pieces that you will need to put together to make the product shown below. 

    mpow grip 2 phone dashboard mount


    Mpow say that the Grip Pro 2 dashboard car phone holder has to go through 5 scrutinising tests at the design stage:

    1. Dropping test
    2. High and low temperature test
    3. Loading test
    4. Pulling test
    5. Vibration test

    After trying out this phone holder I can easily believe on the whole it successfully passes these tests. Although you do need to have cleaned your dash and found a perfectly flat spot to put it on once you have done that there are three elements to how it secures itself to your dash. 

    mpow phone windscreen holder


    1. There is a very sticky gel pad on the base of the suction cup

    2. The suction cup itself is what you would find most small items that stick to glass or just hard surfaces would use. 

    3. There then is the ability to lock it firmly down onto the surface using an easy locking system. There is the option for even stronger suction for a textured surface. 

    mpow car phone holder mount


    With the 3 levels of securing the holder to your car dash I have to say I do have quite a heavy phone (a CAT S60). At first the holder managed well for the first few days however the weight of the phone (at 223 grams) seemed to be a little to heavy for it and actually pulled it off. I tried it again to make sure it wasn't that I had not cleaned the dashboard well enough and again after a couple of days it pulled it off. It probably doesn't help that our dash is not that flat, so if youres is, it may hold much heavier phones. This is quite a heavy phone and I would say with most phones that generally weight around or less than 150 grams there would be no problem. As the image shows below the Grip Pro 2 is perfectly designed to suit most smart phones that range from 4-6 inches in length.  

    mpow car windscreen holder


    With the added ability to swivel the phone to either a portrait or horizontal position and and extra security feature at the bottom for phone stability or access to your phone charging port, you do feel as though the manufacturer has tried to think of everything. 

    mpow car phone dashboard mount


    • The suction pad is super sticky
    • Easy to lock down and easy to remove
    • Has a 360 degrees rotation ball to allow your phone to be at landscape or portrait view
    • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime UK
    • Mpow provides lifetime warranty
    • Foldable holding feet for stability and ease of phone charging
    • Requires a clean flat surface
    • There are lots of pieces to put together at first
    • Won't hold heavier phones too well, our CAT S60 is very heavy and after a few days it comes unstuck

    A well designed car phone holder and charging station, for most phone shapes and sizes just not the heaviest on the market. 

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