Review of RuiChy Fabric Pet Travel Bowl

    This is a review of the RuiChy pet travel bowl which is a fabric, portable and zip up food and water bowl for your car or dog.

    ruichy pet travel fabric food bowl


    Technical Details
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    20 x 7 x 7cm
    Next Day Delivery

    The RuiChy pet travel bowl is made from an oxford cloth that should be waterproof, I feel this must be a waterproof coating as at first it does work and hold the water but after a few uses the water actually starts to seep through the fabric leaking onto the car floor. This is a shame if you want to use it as a water bowl when travelling, if you add water and your dog drinks it straight away you will be fine and nothing will seep through.

    The main positive to this bowl is its ease of carrying and transporting as it can be folded up very easily and then zipped up, these is also a small loop to the side of the bowl where you could attach the bowl to something you transport with you all the time to make sure you have it on you when you need.

    After a few little adventures out with our dog and it, it did seem to start to lose its waterproofness, especially if water is put in it for a number of minutes. If we put it down outside before getting back in to the car that is fine and a little water on the floor doesn't matter, but this means you'll be zipping up and putting away a wet dog bowl, not the best.

    ruichy fabric pet travel bowl

    The RuiChy fabric pet travel bowl is very cheap, I doubt you will find anything cheaper for a travel bowl but whether you are wasting your time with this product due to its limited longevity is something to think about. If you are thinking of using it just for food and dog meals, then this should be more than capable.

    Our little pup took short work of this dog bowl though and it didn't last more than a few weeks, he is a big chewer and we shouldn't have left it out for him but do think about this if you have a dog with similar eagerness to chew on items.

    • Folds up easily
    • Can be carried in a hang bag
    • Very cheap
    • Does not stay waterproof for long
    • Not suitable for puppies and dogs that love to chew
    • Not sturdy does not hold a large volume of water without spilling
    • No non slip base
    • Not next day delivery

    The RuiChy pet travel bowl is very cheap not fully waterproof but works as a handy temporary solution to pick up if you have forgotten your usual travel water bowl for your dog.

    If you want to use something for quick water stops or to feed your dog it could be ok as it packs away small and easy to use.

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