Review of Senders Car Clothes Headrest Hanger

    This is a review of the Senders Car Clothes Headrest Hanger

    Senders Car Clothes Headrest Hanger


    Technical Details
    Carry Capacity
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    Seat Position
    driver seat
    passenger seat
    49.5 x 24 x 9.6 cm
    998 g
    Next Day Delivery

    The Senders Car Clothes Headrest Hanger is quite something to look at. It is quite large at 49.5 cm wide, nearly half a metre long but saying that is still looks very stylish and classy attached to the passenger seat in the car.

    Senders Car Clothes Headrest Hanger

    To attach to the back of the headrest you need to press the small button on the support bar and push both end of the support bar inwards. This will make the bar short enough to fit between the two head rest poles. The first time I tried this I forgot to put the connection point facing towards the back seats, you need to make sure to do this. Then the internal springs of the bar to lock into place against the posts. Lastly clip the hanger on to the support bar and away you go.

    Senders Car Clothes Headrest Hanger


    This hanger can hold an impressive amount of weight, up to a wopping 22kg, so if you are someone who likes to put everything in their coat pockets this will really be the hanger for you. The hanger shapes allows you to hang coats, shirts and dresses in a tidy fashion that will not move or swing about while you drive. I was pleasantly surprised by how sturdy this clothes car hanger is, leaving our crease free clothing, crease free!

    Senders Car Clothes Headrest Hanger In Place

    This is the kind of hanger shape you would find provided with a good quality full tailored suit, helping to keep the good quality in tact, very impressive and would also suit a high quality and good looking car. To remove the hanger you will need to press the button again and pull the hanger firmly up then release it, then press the button again to shorten the support bar and pull it out from its position.

    Its size does make it a little hard to stow away, It doesn't fit in the dashboard or under the seat and I  personally did not like the idea of putting it in the boot especially with the bag or case for it as I felt it would get easily scratched or damaged. Therefore it is an item to be brought purposefully for carrying work suits, wedding suits for other particular journeys and to be connected constantly to your headrest.

    • Strong and robust
    • Can hold up to 22 kg
    • Sturdy
    • One year warranty included
    • Looks stylish
    • Can be used to hang clothes at home
    • Perfect for carrying work or wedding suits
    • Large and bulky
    • Only one supplied
    • Quite pricey
    • Not easy to stow away

    This is one very impressive clothes hanger with the ability to fit most cars and carry the most heaviest clothing items even shopping bags if needed. This hanger is provides a practical crease free solution for wedding or work clothes transportation whether on short or long journeys in a very stylish and sophisticated manner.

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