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In this article we look at blind spot mirrors you can attach to your cars side mirrors. We’re surprised that not all cars come with a blind spot section on their side mirrors. If you need a little help with your car whilst parking, towing a caravan or trailer on the back of your car and need some extra viewing options, a blind spot mirror is what you need.

It’s a simple little device, each we have viewed either sticks to your mirror on the side of your car, or the top of your mirror so that you don’t lose any space on your original mirror or even on the inside of your car as an internal blind spot mirror.

I have cycled to work for over 5 years and been hit a couple of times in the same manner. If each driver had a blind spot mirror, they might have noticed me as they over took and realised I was to there left as they turned left.

They are great for a number of things, potentially seeing dangers, helping you park and much more. If you have a bigger car these will certainly help.

The Tingxiao comes in a close winner against the other stick on mirror, Ankier blind spot mirror. It’s slightly larger, both are similar price point. They both work in a similar way, you stick the small mirror to section on your original side view mirror. In this case the closest point to the car so it’s easier to use.

If you are after just one mirror then take a look at the car swivel blind spot mirror, it sits on the inside of your car and works really well as an emergency device to check your blind spot. If you don’t use a phone mount on your drivers side you can fit this in to the right of your wheel and as it’s slightly bigger than the other options we have looked at.

The Trixes comes in fourth, it has a great design as it sits on top of your original mirror but isn’t the most secure. It’s a shame this part let’s it down and with vibration as well isn’t as useable in varying driving conditions.

1Check price @ AmazonReview of TINGQIAO Blind Spot Mirror4.8/5£
2Check price @ AmazonReview of Ankier Blind Spot Mirrors4.8/5££
3Check price @ AmazonReview of CAR Swivel Blind Spot Mirror4/5££
4Check price @ AmazonReview of TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror3.5/5££

Review of TINGQIAO Blind Spot Mirror

This is a review of the TINGQIAO Blind Spot Mirror

Check price @ Amazon

TINGQIAO Blind Spot Mirror

Technical DetailsSeasonall seasonsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorYesFits 5 DoorYesRating4.8/5Price£WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandTINGQIAONumber of seats1 seatsDimensions9 x 3.2 x 1.5 cmWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

The TINGQIAO Blind Spot Mirror comes as a pack of two, there are discreet and well made in appearance as it is made from a curved ultra thin frameless glass. There is also the choice of the design of blind spot mirror.

The blind spot mirror uses a very strong 3M adhesive to stick to your wing mirror, this means you don’t have to worry about it falling off in bad weather however you do have to consider where you want it to sit before you stick it down.  Also you may find a slight wobble with the mirror if you have not glued the base down flat and firmly.

The mirror works on a ball and socket swivel movement so you are able to move the angle to suit where the blind spot exists in your view, if you have accidentally stuck it down in the wrong place the ability to adjust the view may save you!

The small size to the mirror has its advantages as being very discreet but may not provide a large enough view especially the one attached to the passenger wing mirror may be too small to see. It’s sleek design however does give it further advantages to be alternatively used as a way to keep an eye on passengers in the back seat or a small rear view mirror for a passenger observing a learner driver.Pros

  • Comes in 4 different shapes to match the wing mirror
  • Pack of 2
  • Adjustable
  • Wide angle
  • Well constructed
  • Quick delivery
  • Very strong adhesive


  • May experience a slight wobble in image
  • Need to be careful where you place them as they will be hard to remove


The blind spot mirror is sleek, strong and small with a good clear view of your blind spot it might not be the largest view but it will provide you with the needed angle to provide confidence to your driving.

Review of Ankier Blind Spot Mirrors

This is a review of the Ankier Blind Spot Mirrors

Check price @ Amazon

Ankler Blind Spot Mirrors

Technical DetailsSeasonall seasonsFits 3 DoorYesFits 5 DoorYesRating4.8/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandAnklerCategoryuniversalNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions15 x 12.8 x 3 cmWeight18 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

The Antler blind spot mirrors are small compact mirrors that are very lightweight and also discreet. They come as a pack of two to be applied to each wing mirror and a small carry pouch. There is a very strong 3m adhesive on the back of the mirrors to apply them to your wing mirrors. So once they are on, they are on. For you to take them off it will be hard to reapply.

They are easy to fit simply peel the adhesive free and stick to the point of the wing mirror that allows you to see your blind spot, these mirrors do not have a frame or trim to them which I like, giving you full as possible vision. The mirrors work on a ball hinge attachment so you have the ability to adjust them too, not that you really need to as once in place they are pretty good as they are without even doing that.

The main reason these little blind spot mirrors work as they provide you will excellent field of vision for your blind spot, it also provides a handy tool when parking between the lines! They are not intrusive due to their size and therefore can easily be left on. I think it will be personal preference whether these are too small depending on if you want the blind spot view to be as large as your wing mirror.Pros

  • Strong adhesive
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Long lasting
  • Excellent visibility
  • Adjustable
  • 6 months warranty or 30 day money back guarantee
  • Available next day delivery with Amazon Prime


  • Small not also best if wanting the blind spot view to be as visible to you as the normal wing mirror.


The Ankier blind spot mirrors are an excellent purchase for providing extra confidence while you are driving, their discreet yet wide angle design makes them an ideal and cost worthy purchase.

Review of CAR Swivel Blind Spot Mirror

This is a review of the CAR Swivel Blind Spot Mirror

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CAR Swivel Blind Spot Mirror

Technical DetailsFits 3 DoorYesFits 5 DoorYesRating4/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions8 x 3 x 7 cmWeight18 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

From the initial images I saw of the CAR Swivel Blind Spot Mirror I was expecting a slightly larger mirror. It doesn’t connect to your wing mirrors but sits on the dash or as I found seems to work best on the inside of the door near the wing mirror. It only comes as a pack of 1 so you will need to use this on the drivers side.

There are three parts to this mirror, there is the base, the stem and the mirror itself. To assemble you will need to put the ball of the stem into to socket at the back of the mirror. The socket is quite a thin plastic, it isn’t very sturdy so be careful not to force it otherwise it may crack. The ability to swivel the mirror works well but again requires care. 

The base of the stand uses a 3m adhesive tape for you to stick it down. I found this worked very effectively at first but due to wanting to move its position as I felt I could not quite get this right, it began to loose its stick ability and required another layer of tape adding to work. What I do like about the base is the flexibility of it to sit on uneven surfaces and curves making it very easy to sit on the dash board.Pros

  • Adjustable
  • Great blind spot view
  • Simple design
  • Large view


  • Not very strong
  • The ball and socket can get easily damaged


This is a simple designed swivel blind spot mirror, the mirror works well but its slightly flimsy set up lets it down.

Review of TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

This is a review of the TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

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TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

Technical DetailsSeasonall seasonsPortableYesFits 3 DoorYesFits 5 DoorYesRating3.5/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandTRIXESNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions25 x 12 x 4 cmWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

The TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror comes as a pack of two to be attached to each wing mirror. It is large in size and the heaviest blind spot mirror for our car that we have tried.

The mirror has no stand or sockets it is a case of clipping the mirror to the top of your wing mirror, it is very simple to use. There is no glue or sticky tape which makes it very easy to attach, remove and reuse again on the same or another vehicle.TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

The blind spot mirror does have a wide angle view which does provide a good blind spot view, the clip is sturdy and strong providing a stable and non wobbly image of your blind spot, however as the mirror is not glued it you are driving in bad weather and strong winds I would not recommend using this mirror because while driving it did fall off once driving in torrential rain. Another factor to consider is the lack of adjustment available, to get the view correct you will need to adjust your wing mirror.Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Can be removed easily and used again with ease
  • Cheap
  • Wide angle view


  • A little heavy
  • Lack of adjustable view
  • May fall off in bad weather


The TRIXES blind spot mirror provides a simple wide angle view that attaches to both wing mirrors, it isn’t adjustable and has the potential to fall off in bad weather but is not going to break the bank to buy.

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