Best Car Boot Liners and Protectors

sakura boot liner protector

Below we review the best car boot liners and protectors for your car. At the top you will find a summary table of the overall best boot liners we have reviewed, followed by the individual product reviews.

We know that protecting your car, whether new or old is an important factor and having a boot liner should be high on your list of requirements to keep your boots carpet looking new and help it last longer.

Whether you need a boot liner for your pet dog, or you are moving about garden waste, or even the odd trip to the recycle center near you. We have gone through and tested these products for you so you can make the next decision about which one to purchase.

Each boot liner and protector is heavy duty, all are water resistant and a few of them have extras, such as boot lips which extend outside of your boot to protect your rear bumper and the exterior of your car from scratches and dirt. The best thing about boot liners and protective sheets is that they can quickly be removed when your boot is empty and dusted down, shaken about and cleaned rather easily. Even if they are wet because you’ve put a wet dog in your boot or you have some wetsuits lying in there, you can take it out and hang it up to dry and because of the materials they are made from, they should dry out quickly, ready for your next adventure.

The best boot liner was the Hardcastle Boot Liner & Lip Protector for three very simple reasons.

The extra lip protector and side protectors which drop down over your rear bumper, protects the exterior of the car and fit on the inside of the boots walls. It was fully waterproof, so you’re dog, pet or wet clothing/outdoor gear or footwear won’t get through, no matter how wet. Finally it’s price, it was similarly priced to the other 3 in our review test so we had to rank it as the best car boot liner and protector.

The boot protector which came in 2nd did so because mainly of its price and simplicity. It did it’s job very well, which was to line and protect your cars boot, completely waterproof and was the cheapest of the 4 we tested. The heavy duty universal boot protector is absolutely huge, so will fit in the biggest of boots, whether you have an estate or a 4×4, it should fit. Even if you didn’t have such a large boot space, you could fold the liner and protector up and still use it in the space that you do have. If you have many dogs on your back seats and in your boot, this would be big enough to put over your back seats and in to your boots floor space as well.

The other two boot liners by Sakura and Frostfire weren’t bad products, they just had a couple of problems which the first two either didn’t have or their price meant that we could overlook that. The Sakura Boot Liner & Lip Protector also come with a lip protector to protect your rear bumper but like the Frostfire, it didn’t stick too well to the sides of the boot, so there was extra material flapping about and neither of them were completely waterproof. We chucked in some wetsuits which were soaked after some surfing and they were both damp underneath when we got home, we would like to add though that a wet dog or boots would be fine, the wetsuits were quite a radical test and hold a lot of water.

Review of Hardcastle Boot Liner & Lip Protector

This is a review of the Hardcastle Boot Liner & Lip Protector. A heavy duty and waterproof boot and lip protector that can protect your boot from getting muddy or dirty.  

Hardcastle Boot Protector


The hardcastle boot protector is easy to fit with velcro strips sticking the protector to the boot and elastic loops that fit around the back seat head rest poles. The protector would benefit from more velco strips and wider ones to keep it firmly in place. 


The material is made from a tough water resistant polyester, perfect for those working in gardening services, enjoying outdoor activities or living in rural areas. 

Extra notes

The boot protector can fit many boot types and styles and can even fit around a dog crate in a boot if needed.

  • The extra length to cover the lip of the car helps protect from scratches
  • Tough robust material
  • Has a smart appearance
  • Easy to fit
  • Fits many boot types
  • Good quality for the price
  • The velcro holding it to the sides is not particularly strong
  • The side popper fastenings also can come apart fairly easily. 
  • Not most suitable for those with lively dogs that move around in the boot due to the fastenings
  • Requires the car boot to be carpet like material as the protector can not attach to plastic or metal trims

The hardcastle boot protector is made with a high quality tough material, for those with an active outdoor carrying muddy boots, bags and jackets this is a great design. The extra lip to the protector helps protect the car paint for scratches, however due to the lack of strength in the velcro holdings and popper fastenings it is not the most suitable for those with lively dogs. 

Review of Heavy Duty Universal Waterproof Protector and Boot Liner

Here we review a heavy duty boot liner and rear seat protector. A very simple waterproof protector liner which is universal and should fit your boot, no matter how big or small it is. It’s made to protect whatever it has been placed on top of, either your boot or your rear car seats.

If you are looking for an affordable liner and protector of your boot to keep your dog from getting your car dirty, this could be for you. Our review looks further in to this product to see if its right for your car and your dog.


This boot liner comes with a red or blue trim, when receiving the item, it looked exactly like it does in the picture and is definitely big enough for the largest of boots out there.

The beauty of this car boot protector is that it can be used in your boot or on the back seat of your car. There are head rest straps which you can use from inside of your boot or your rear seats. These will hold the liner over the head rests and in place wherever you may need it.

The material used for this boot liner is waterproof, so you know that your boot or seats will be protected from the wettest of dog or anything else you wish to put on top of it in your car which is soaked through. It looks like it would hold up to water being poured on it for quite some time.

It’s such a simple accessory that this should last years to come. The only thing which may result in breaking are the straps which hold it over the head rest. Once it is layed down in your boot or back seats, that is it, it can be left there to keep that part of your car perfectly clean and dry.

If you are also looking for something to keep your boot clean whilst you move materials around or taking things to the tip, including bushes and other garden waste, this boot protector will more than suffice.

  • Very simple boot liner and protector so you just lay it out and it will help protect your interior
  • Waterproof, so even the worse of the muck and dirt will be kept off of your cars boot or rear seats
  • Very affordable, the cheapest of the boot liners we have reviewed
  • This is a very big boot protector so will fit any car, big or small
  • Headrest straps do not looks like they could be the strongest, only time will tell if they last and don’t snap

Our second best boot liner protector we have reviewed, it is very affordable and waterproof too. The only downside is keeping it clean, it is washable and you can wipe it clean but things like dog hair easily get stuck to it.

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Review of Frostfire Universal Boot Liner and Protector

This is a review of the Frostfire universal boot liner and protector. A large water resistant boot protector which can be used to protect the interior of your boot from getting dirty and wet when your dog is inside or you’re transporting garden waste or similar.

Frostfire universal boot liner

Here we have an easy to clean, wipeable, hard wearing, water resistant boot liner. This boot protector can help keep your boot clean and dry, free from dog hair and dirty paws.

Size and Fit

A very large boot liner which is universal and should fit most boots out there. Fitting the boot liner is very simple but is not its strongest point. It comes with straps and poppers to go over the head rests and velcro which is meant to hold the sides of the boot liner up. The velcro is not the strongest and would not hold up to large dogs being in the boot moving about.


It is made of heavy duty material which will keep water and other liquids off of your boot liner and carpet. Most importantly will keep dog hair on top of the liner and stop it from getting where you don’t want. When the boot liner gets dirty from your dogs mucky paws or from other debris that is brought in, it seems really easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

We believe if you were to put anything extra in the boot, such as logs, garden waste or other hard materials, this boot liner will withstand what you put in and still keep your boot looking great.

Frostfire universal boot liner


If you went out for a day at the beach and put your wetsuits and other sandy clothes and equipment in the boot, this liner will do a great job. When you remove everything when you get home, you can dry wipe the liner or remove it easily and shake it off.

  • Very tough, hard wearing and water resistant material
  • Fits all car boots, universal fitting and very large
  • Boot liner extends down below the rear bumper when the boot is open
  • Not completely waterproof material
  • Velcro for the side of the boot walls does not stick very well so the liner droops down

Maybe the best boot liner we have reviewed, it’s a really good price for a protector that will keep your boot clean and tidy. It’s not got the best fittings so won’t fit to the sides very well but it does strap on to the rear seats and extends down to the rear bumper which protects the outside of your car too.

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Review of Sakura Boot Liner & Bumper Protector

A solid looking boot liner and protector by Sakura. If you need to keep dirty paws, sand, dirt and mud away from your boots carpet and flooring, this boot protector could be for you. We review and test this product below to see how well it fits your car and can protect it from day to day wear and use.

sakura boot liner protector

If you’re after a no nonsense, large, boot protector for your dog or just to keep your boots carpet and interior clean and tidy, this could be the one you are after.

Fitting The Boot Liner

This is a very large universal boot liner for your cars boot. Fitting it is very simple, but it has a couple of weak points. There are velcro straps and other straps that fit around the headrest of the rear seats.

Just place the boot liner in to your boot, being large, it should fit but may also be too big for your boot, depending on the car you have. Simply place the headrest straps over the headrest and the sides up your carpeted boot. Using the velcro, if it sticks, it should cover all three sides of your boots interior, protecting not just the boot floor, but the sides as well.

The final edge of the boot has a boot lip, which is extra material that dangles down over your boots rear bumper when the boot is open. This is a great little extra as it stops your boot and rear bumper from getting dirty and scratched when your dog jumps in and out of the car or when you lean on the rear of your boot with dirt and mud on your boots.

Material & Look

It is made of heavy duty, thick polyester which is water resistant and will suit any boot or car colour out there. It’s entirely black in colour so when it’s dirty, it will still look good. Being made out of polyester, it is great at keeping your dogs hair off of your carpet and boots interior. It is also very easy to wipe clean, although it is not machine washable, this is not too much of a problem.

  • Next day delivery available for this product, so if you need it tomorrow, you can have it
  • Extends over your rear bumper when your boot is up so that a dog jumping up will not ruin the interior
  • Easy to fit in to any boot
  • Keeps dog hairs at bay and they are easy to wipe off
  • Not fully waterproof, so if you spill a lot of water on it, it may seep through
  • Velcro straps don’t stick too well to some carpets or sides of boots
  • Doesn’t fit the highest of boot walls

A very good and large boot liner, it’s not water proof and the seams look like they’d leak as well, but it has the extra of a bumper cover when the boot is open. Very affordable car boot liner but lacks correct fittings so you will have to make it fit your size boot.

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