Best Car Boot Organisers and Storage Boxes

SCOPOW Car Boot Tidy Organiser

In this set of reviews we go through and compare some of the best car boot organisers for any size car and boot tidy boxes that will hold and keep neat, quite a few different pieces of gear and equipment that you usually car in your car.

Can there really be a best car boot tidy? Sure there can, we really didn’t know how many different types of organiser there are until we had a real good look in to what was available. We also didn’t realise how practical they can be, having them in the boot of your car.

We always need a few things in our car for such activities as taking the dog for a walk, or if we decide to go for a little swim, we even have a few emergency essentials. If you like your outdoor activities, have a little fury friend or need some space to organise things in your boot, a car boot tidy will be perfect for you.

There are a couple different types of boot tidy and organiser that might be right for you. If you have a smaller boot, the headrest pocket boot tidy might suit your boot size rather than a fold out box.

If you want to mostly utilise the bigger box storage types you can use them for multiple things and for holding quite a lot of gear or equipment. You may want to keep things in their permanantly and until you need them. You may want to think about what you will be using them for and whether they will be kept in your boot all the time or moved in and out.

The best boot organisers we have reviewed is the Fortem Boot Organiser and the Drive Auto Organiser – both are made of great quality material, hard wearing, have great quality handles which means it is very sturdy when moving about with things inside it and can be packed away if not in use. These really are top quality products and worth every penny and a great addition to anyones boot to help organise things.

A close third but only because it doesn’t have as much space to store things away is the Surdoca hanging multi pocket organiser. Any boot size and any car, as long as you have headrests or something to mount on the back seats will be able to fit this in. It’s a great price, will keep your boot tidy and will manage quite a few different things. You can’t put boots or larger items in the pockets as they aren’t that big, but you do get a dull width of your boot in pockets to hold items like a car hoover or dog accessories.

The other three all offer something similar, if you don’t want to spend much, not bothered about a waterproof product to hold wetsuits or wet jackets after you’ve been in the sea or for a hike and just hold normal car items, like a blanket, car spares, then all the others will be more than great, it just depends on what you want to spend on a car boot organiser.

Best car boot organisers

Review of Fortem Boot Storage Organiser

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Made of a strong and durable nylon material the Fortem Boot Storage Organiser is suited for daily living activities and hobbies. The material walls are quite thick allowing it to stay rigid.  With two main compartment that can be made into three separate compartments and an array of small pockets around the edges of the box allows for brilliant organisation of items used for hobbies such as hiking, surfing or even using to carry all your dog treats, balls, toys, leads and harnesses. If not using one of the main compartments one can be collapsed which helps when using in a small space in your boot along with boot luggage. 

With velcro fastening and sturdy carry handles allows for a number of points to secure the organiser when in the boot of the car. I have used it for carrying everything our dog needs on journey to day activities and out hiking to carrying items I use while out diving to carry spares of fin fasteners, my dive log book and dry clothes. What is great about the organiser it is very easy to clean which really helps when you are going to use it for a variety of different reasons. 

The Fortem Boot Storage Organiser is fully collapsible making it easy to stow away in the corner of the boot when it is not needed. 

Pros we liked:

  • Large amount of storage space
  • More than you’ll need of pockets
  • Strong, robust pockets
  • Able to hold good weight
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Durable material
  • 18 month warranty
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime


A fantastic boot organiser with large amount of space, holds a good weight with a multitude of extra side pockets, the Fortem Boot Storage Organiser would suit leisure activities or even for professional use for some one who works mobile. 

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Review of Surdoca Multi Pocket Boot Organiser

Topist Multi Pocket Boot Organiser

The Surdoca Multi Pocket Boot Organiser attaches to the headrests of your car rather than being used on the floor of your boot. This means that you actually are using your boot space more effectively as you can still fill your boot up as required as well as using the Topist multi pocket boot organiser for additional space. 

After using this a number of times I have found the Surdoca multi pocket boot organiser most useful for items I carry regularly in the car rather than shopping or outdoor activities such as for a winter car park for carrying water, snacks, torches and blankets. It is also handy for carrying your dog walking necessities if you use your car to take your dog out frequently. The organiser is made from Oxford 600 Denier polyester fabric which makes it easily washable and easy to clean if you do use it for carrying wet or muddy items. It is a heavy duty and strong material which so far has provided no wear and tear. 

It is very easy to use, there are three loops that need to go around the top of the headrests and then pulled tight and buckled closed, I have also used this in my Peugeot that does not have a middle head rest and it works just as well with only having two loops secured. There is actually an extra loop within the end of the last too loops which could be used instead to attach around a single headrest pole of two seats. If this is not enough security you can also tuck the lower attachments under the seat to fully secure it in place, personally I did not feel the need to but it is nice there is an option for further security. 

In comparison to boot organisers that are used on the floor, this uses meshing to hold items in place so will not be able to hold very tiny objects or a lot of items of various shapes and sizes, space is limited so you will have to think carefully about what is worthwhile carrying in your Topist multi pocket boot organiser. 


  • Well secured
  • Durable and robust material
  • Provides extra space in your boot
  • Keeps the floor of the boot area empty and clean
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Fully adjustable straps to suit most vehicles
  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with 6 month warranty
  • Available next day delivery with Amazon Prime


  • Cannot hold large items
  • Not going to hold your shopping in
  • Requires head rests to attach too


The Surdoca multi pocket boot organiser is a well designed and well made product that isn’t going to cost you a lot for what you get for it. It’s not going to able to hold your weekly shop but it will carry your important items you need to take with you. 

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Review of Rainberg Car Boot Organiser

DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser

The Rainberg Car Boot Organiser at half a metre in length can be expanded to provide quite a large amount of items. It looks smart and its shape allows it to fit happily in any boot. The sides of the organiser are very rigid in comparison to others on the market, it stands well. I’d like to point out the height to the organiser at 32 centimetres means that you can put items into the two main compartments that you need to keep upright and the organiser will make sure it does not roll around in the boot instead. 

The base is made of three layers for extra strength consisting of polymer rubber, polyester and 2.5mm PE Board. Having the combination of these layers means the base is waterproof which is great for placing into a dirty or wet boot (which any outdoor enthusiast may have). The overall material is infact waterproof so it means things you place into the organiser will not get your boot messy if infact your car boot is spotlessly clean. 

For me the dissapointing factor is the strength. There are small fabric handles to the organiser but they do not appear to be very strong and I would not like to try these with heavier items. Also on the base of the organiser there are non slip grips to prevent the organiser from moving however I found these did very little therefore I used some string to attach through the loops in the organiser to attach to the headrests on the backseat. 

The simplicity and large amount of space to the DITU Inc Car Boot Organiser is fantastic, big enough for wellies, boots, or even a small weekly shop. The outer pockets and inner mesh pockets provide for a stable travel space for small items not to get squished or to locate them easily later. 

With an unclip of the buckles the Rainberg Car Boot Organiser is expanded and then collapsed again. It packs away neatly in the boot or even in some back pouches to the front seats. Pros

  • Simple design
  • Sturdy with inner mesh pockets
  • Strong and waterproof base
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Money back guarantee
  • Waterproof material


  • Not as many pockets as other organisers available 
  • Limited ability to secure in the boot
  • The non slip grips to the base are not the best
  • Unable to remove the middle divider to use as one large compartment
  • Weighs nearly 2Kg


This is a simple designed organiser providing height and stability for your shopping and tools and gifts travelling in your car however make sure to secure it in the boot with extra rope/string to make sure it does not move around. 

Review of Drive Auto Car Boot Tidy Organiser

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The Drive Auto Car Boot Tidy Organiser is a large boot organiser providing a robust environment for a multitude of items whether clean or dirty. There are handles either side and these are strong and robust enough that you have the confidence to pick up the organiser with a good amount of weight inside of it. The bottom plate of the organiser is made of strong layers of polymer rubber, polyester and 2.5mm PE board. 

There are also buckle straps to the sides, as well as cord and also no slip grips on the base of the organiser too. The design appears well thought about as well as well made. 

You have the option to change the size of the compartments using the attached velcro. The size of Drive Auto Car Boot Tidy Organiser is a little bulky so if you are looking for a small package or an organiser for stationery or solely smaller items this may be a bit to big, I would say it is more suited to heavy duty outdoor activities and hobbies that require such an organiser which can be fully designated for that activity. 


  • Strong heavy duty material
  • Many pockets
  • Easily collapsible 
  • Well designed
  • Strong and robust
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime


  • A little bulky in size


This does the business. It is well designed and well made. It is not the most space efficient and is a little bulky in size but it makes up for this in strength and reliability. 

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Review of Knodel Car Boot Organiser

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The Knodel boot organiser simply put is a collapsible container with 3 large divided compartments and a pockets around. I actually quite like the straight forward black with white trim design, it looks smart and functional. 

The organiser is made from a black polycanvas material with white trim. The overall strength of the material is sufficient but not heavy-duty. This is not ideal as a heavy-duty boot organiser especially if you are planning on using it for multiple activities or to carry shopping, tools or anything of uneven or sharped edges but it will do for lighter loads. The lining of the base of the organiser is water resistant and water proof thanks to 600D polyester.

The main compartments are quite deep and fairly spacious, you can separate the compartments to make them into just two or even one which can make it easy when transporting slightly larger or awkward shaped items.

There are two carry handles either side of the boot organiser which makes for easy carrying of items from the car boot to the house. Apart from these carry handle holes there is no where for the organiser to be secured down while in the car. 


  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Three large deep compartments
  • Easy to use
  • Available next day delivery with Amazon Prime and sometimes included in Amazon’s lightning deal


  • Thinner material 
  • Not the strongest available 
  • Limited options to secure in boot


For an occasional use this boot organiser ticks the boxes for how much it can hold, easy to use and excellent value for money.

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