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Ah, winter’s back – the season of serenading our frosty mornings with hits like “Freakin’ snow!” and “Blasted ice!” So, ready to play the annual game of “Find the Ice Scraper” in your car? Or, ya know, just check if it’s still there?

We are totally ready this year, we had collected several car ice scrapers to work out which was the best.

We want an ice scraper for life so have chosen to compare and review the below ones – once we work out the best ice scraper we can just leave it in the car and never have to buy another again.

The Absolute Worst Ways To De-Ice Your Cars Windows (that most of us have done) – don’t do this if you can avoid it!

Don’t Use Credit Cards to de-ice your windshield or windows

Why is using a credit card to remove ice a bad idea:

  • It might snap or bend your card, the last thing you want is to have to order a new card because you bent yours trying to de-ice your car. Also, that ice might be what stands between you and your money next time you want to withdraw your cash.
  • A credit card won’t take off the thickest ice, so if it’s really frosty, you will have a hard time getting to work on time.
  • Your hands will get covered in ice, making them cold and it won’t be a comfortable job.

Is this a terrible one? Sort of. Have we all done it? Yes. Will we do it at some stage again? Absolutely! While using a credit card is a pain in the neck, it works (until it doesn’t), and at least the chances of damaging the windshield are super-low.

Use Hot Or Boiling Water

This is a really dangerous thing to do, and the last thing you want is for your windscreen to crack just before leaving for work or anywhere, really. Here are a few reasons why not to use hot or boiling water to de-frost or de-ice your cars windows.

  • The change in temperature is very dangerous on glass and the sudden change could crack your glass.
  • The water may re-freeze after a few seconds if the weather is really cold.
  • The boiling water will get into the usual spaces under the hood where it will just freeze again (better case) or crack something else.

Is this one a terrible one? Yes it is, don’t do it.

Use a metal scraper or a shovel

Anything made of metal will most likely badly scrape and scratch your windshield.

This list would not be complete without some ridiculous ways of de-icing that people have explored – for example:

What is the Best Way To De-Ice Your Cars Windows?

Heat up the inside of your car with its window heaters before anything else. Remove the ice and frost on the outside of your cars windows by using a de-icer, like one we have reviewed below. It’s a pretty simple process, you just have to make sure you give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning for this process.

If you want an ice scraper for life, the Swedish Ice Scraper is hands down the best ice scraper – it’s just a bit more for the money, but in our experience, it won’t bend, break or snap.

If you want something that’s better than nothing, and don’t want to spend as much, then the Bosmere is a the best budget ice scraper for us – it’s a really good price, handle keeps your hand away from the ice flying up when you’re scraping, and has some funky colours.

The Carpoint is the be best squeegee-ice-scraper – it does well because it also has a sturdy squeegee, and it comes in at a good price.

We did really like the Iceplane, but the ice ends up all over your hands, it is quick at removing the ice, but so is the Swedish Ice Scraper, which is why the Swedish is our #1 choice and best ice scraper.

Best Car Windscreen Ice Scrapers

Review of Swedish Ice Scraper a Car Windscreen De-Icer

This is a review of the Swedish Ice Scraper, a high-end car windscreen scraper which we test and talk about below.

swedish ice scraper

We have seen the phrase “It’s just an ice scraper” branded about quite a bit online when looking in to which to test and review and after using this ice scraper, we can confirm, that this is not just an ice scraper.

This is a 6mm thick Original Swedish Ice Scraper, the largest available and in black. They also do a medium and a mini size ice scraper and you can find them in different colours, which you can actually choose, unlike the Bosmere.

We absolutely love it and when we received it couldn’t wait for an icy morning and to use it on our car. It’s really simple, put the neoprene part against your palm, then put your finger in the hole and grip both sides with the rest of your hand. It’s long enough to not get ice on your hands when scraping and scraping it backwards and forwards just feels great, it gets the ice off really easily.

It uses 6mm recycled acrylic glass which should last for years and years, we reckon we could still be using ours in a decade its that tough. If it looses it’s edge, it states on their website that the material can be re-polished and you can get a perfect, like new edge back on it. It feels great in the hand and the neoprene is a feature we haven’t seen on any other scraper and de-icer tool.

It even has a wiper cleaner on one of the sides and was great on all car windows. A very simple tool for the job that more than out performs it’s need.


  • Solid build, will last for years and years
  • Comes in 3 different sizes, if you want a pocket size one, they have it
  • Comes in different colours, we love the green/yellow option.
  • Gets the job done really quickly, fastest or second fastest ice scraper we tested
  • Feels good in the hand and keeps you away from the ice


  • Not the cheapest option, but you might never have to buy another one again


A very solid and tough car ice scraper, no matter how thick the ice is, this should get through it. Looks really good, will fit in your cars glove box ready for the next frosty morning. For us, this is the winner.

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Swedish Ice Scraper - 6mm Black with Neoprene Holder

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Review of Bosmere Windscreen Ice Scraper

This is a review of the Bosmere car windscreen ice scraper, a soft handled scraper for those frosty early mornings.

bosmere windscreen ice scraper

Another frosty morning, another test of an ice scraper, this time the Bosmere in lovely sunburst orange. This ice scraper has a soft grip, unlike the others, we like it. It has a flat edge which scrapes off the ice and ridges which helps break thicker ice as your scraping the top surface.

The first thing we’d like to point out is that we ordered this ice scraper not knowing what colour we’d get, we got the orange one and that is totally fine with us, we’re only bothered about how well this tool does it’s job, not the colour, especially for such an item.

The second cheapest ice scraper we’ve reviewed and a very good one at that. It scrapes well, to be short about it all. It isn’t too wide like the Carpoint scraper and it scrapes along it’s entirety. We didn’t test it with really thick ice, just a thin layer and it performed well.

The handle was one of the nicest we held, being soft and made of rubber.


  • Very good price
  • Soft rubber handle which kept your hand away from the scraper
  • Breaks through ice and frost on windscreen with ease


  • You can’t choose a colour, you’re given one from a set


Great ice scraper, less than £5 brand new and does a good job. Shame you can’t choose the colour you want but that doesn’t bother us.

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Bosmere Winter Care Windscreen Ice Scraper with Soft Grip, Multi-Coloured, W120

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Reivew of ICEPLANE Twin Bladed Car Ice Scraper

The ICEPLANE scraper, you’ve probably heard of it before, well we’ve bought one to test out on our car windows to see how well it de-ices them and scrapes the ice off.

iceplane car windscreen ice scraper review

We waited for another frosty and frozen morning, it didn’t take long. We started the car, heated up the windscreen from the inside with the car on idle and got to the task in hand.

The ICEPLANE ice scraper has two blade and a soft handle, this is unlike any other we have tested and we were looking forward to giving it a go. With it in hand, we got to it, and it was very good, that’s the quick answer.

The long Answer & Review

It scraped really well, just like the others, small forwards and backward movements and it removed the thin layer of ice we had on the front windscreen really easily.

The downsides, because of the shortness of the blades, they are really close to your hand as it scrapes, this results in all of the ice flying up on to your fingers and knuckles. This is no fun at all and even though it only lasts a minute, it’s not a nice feeling, especially when getting in to a still cold car.

As well as this, the ice gets caught in between the two blades, this isn’t a real problem but you need to remember to tap this out every once in a while.

This scraper will scrape faster than the others we have tested, so if time is of the essence then this one is for you. Just remember to wear gloves whilst you are scraping off the ice.


  • Fastest ice scraper we have used, this is due to the dual blades design, two are faster than one
  • Soft grip handle
  • Has a flat edge which means that if you have a really curved front windscreen, it may take a little longer


  • Ice and frost gets all over your hands when you scrape.
  • Not the cheapest ice scraper out there


A great and quick ice scraper, you really have to be wearing gloves whilst using the ICEPLANE though due to the ice on your hands, not the best thing first thing in the morning.

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ICEPLANE Twin Bladed Car Ice Scraper

Last update was on: July 13, 2024 10:47 am

Review of Carpoint Car Windscreen Squeegee and Ice Scraper

This is a review of the Carpoint multi car window squeegee and ice scraper.

carpoint windscreen ice scraper and squeegee

The Carpoint multi purpose squeegee and ice scraper was at hand and ready for our first morning of frost and ice. We were up early, before sunrise, which isn’t hard through winter and outside as the sun was rising. We needed to use the car that morning to take our little pup to the vet, so we had to be up, outside and the car ready in a few minutes.

We started the car, left it in idle and put the windscreen heaters on full. Outside of the car we started to scrape with the carpoint ice scraper. It was a thin frosty build up of ice and we managed to get through the whole front windscreen in less than 2 minutes with this carpoint car accessory. It was pretty easy and worked well, we were satisfied but not completely sold on this Carpoint windscreen de-icer.

Why? Well, as pushing through the ice was rather easy, it pulled off a good amount as we scraped forwards, it only did so on the centre few inches, were the energy was obviously being transferred from the handle we were pushing with.

The outside edges of the scraper must have flexed up a little and didn’t sit in line with the centre of the scraper. So it did do it’s job, it just may as well have been just a few inches wide rather than what it’s full width currently is.

Something we noticed with other reviews online is to check the plastic that it doesn’t have any problems with it and is fully straight, you don’t want to cause any scratches to your windscreen when scraping ice.

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Carpoint 1723239 Ice Scraper Vileda

Last update was on: July 13, 2024 10:47 am
£6.99 £8.23

Review of AstroAI 2-in-1 Ice Scraper

AstroAI 2 in 1 Ice Scraper 2

Image source:

This tool isn’t just an ice scraper, it’s also a squeegee as well as a brush and we actually used it after cleaning our car to help dry it off. It did a slightly better job than the ice scraper side, it managed to scrape and remove all of the water. It had a downside though, there is a metal edge on this side and this could easily scrape and scratch your windscreen or paintwork if you’re not careful.


  • It’s a multi purpose ice scraper and squeegee so can do two jobs rather than one
  • Really good price at less than £10
  • Squeegee is good


  • Doesn’t fit in a pocket, not the smallest ice scraper out there
  • The ice scraper doesn’t work fully along it’s full width


A good ice scraper to de-ice your cars windscreen but you could get a smaller product if you’re only after an ice scraper and not a dual multi purpose tool.Frequently Asked Questions

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AstroAI 2-in-1 Ice Scraper 68.5cm Detachable for Car Windscreen and Snow Brush...

& Free shipping
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Why Dont We Use Anti Freeze Spray

It may ruin our windscreen wiper blades, we have to continually buy it when we run out and we’d rather not use a spray. We can just buy a single windscreen de-icer blade and have it with us for years to come.

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