Best Full Car Seat Cover Sets Reviewed

Below we have summarised and reviewed the best full car seat cover sets for your car. These include front and rear seat covers that you need to fully protect the interior of your car from dirt, mud, wet dogs and more.

We have reviewed these sets as we lead a busy adventurous life. We needed something which would fit our medium sized car and protect all 5 seats. We were after our drivers and passenger front seats being covered as well as our back seats. We have a pup who likes to get messy and bring a lot of the adventure with them.

All of the sets we have reviewed and gone through are of varying colours and none of them are a solid colour throughout. We have looked in to branded funky designs and sporty looking car seat sets too. We hope that one of the products below fits your requirements and you find this information useful.

The car seat cover sets we reviewed were all roughly the same price, so what we were looking for with the testing was ease of fitting to our car seats and whether they looked good and would protect our car seats.

We went with the RS Car Seat Cover Set as the best out of the bunch because it suited our cars interior the best, as we had a grey interior, everything fitted well and even though they’re not waterproof car seat covers they still stopped spillages from seeping through to our car seats and kept sand and dirt off of the seats after we’d been the beach. We couldn’t ask for much more from them really, considering their great price too, we were very happy with them.

The others didn’t rate too badly but they either didn’t fit perfectly or weren’t to our taste (suited the car). We have a metallic blue Panda and the pink funky car seat covers, although pretty good, didn’t suit our car.

1Check price @ AmazonReview of 6 Piece Grey Black RS Car Seat Cover Set4.3/5££branded, universal
2Check price @ AmazonReview of Sakura Full Car Seat Cover Set in Black & Silver3.6/5££universal
3Check price @ AmazonReview of Funky Black & Pink Car Seat Cover Set3.4/5£funky, girly, universal
4Check price @ AmazonReview of 9 Piece Sports Full Set Car Seat Covers3.6/5£££universal

Review of 6 Piece Grey Black RS Car Seat Cover Set

This branded RS sporty car seat cover set by Roadster in grey and black is a full car seat cover set. Which provides protection for the two front seats of your car and the rear seats as well. It is black in colour with a grey stripe down the middle and edges and has been branded on the front seats with the term RS.

We have ranked this as our #1 full car seat cover set, read more to find out why.

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Roadster 6pce RS Car Seat Cover Set

Technical DetailsRating4.3/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandRoadsterCategorybrandeduniversalNumber of seats5 seatsSeat Positionfront & rearDimensions40 x 30 x 14 cmWeight898 gWashableYesNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

At first glance they look really good and the would match most cars as it has a universal colour to it with the black and grey. It is branded but this is only on the front seats with the word RS.


This is a universal fitting car seat cover set which should fit your car seats very well. We believe that this will fit small and large car seats, both front and back.

The front car seats both have their own cover with separate head rests. If you don’t have these then you can still fit your driver and passenger seat covers. The rear seats come with a bottom seat and back rest covers which fit separately and just require pushing in to position. Being two piece they have a better chance of fitting your rear seats, or gives you the chance of just using the bottom or the back, depending on your needs.

Material & Feel

The car seat cover set is made of a thin stretchy material, it will provide all the protection you need to keep your car seats looking new for longer. This material looks good and because it is stretchy should fit more cars.

Best Overall Car Seat Cover Set

We have ranked this as the best car seat cover set we have tested. It’s affordable, the covers have a better fit compared to other sets we have tested and would suit any car interior. We were very pleased with this set and will be continuing to use it in our car to protect our front and rear seats.Pros

  • Universal fitting car seat cover set for both front and rear seats
  • RS branded for a sporty looking interior
  • Nice feeling material which is stretchy and comfortable to sit on


  • Not waterproof
  • Bigger cars may have trouble fitting the front car seat covers for the driver and passenger seat


Maybe the best car seat cover set we have reviewed, it is let down by not being waterproof and also has the RS branding on the front seats. If that is not for you and want you want your interior to look like then these may not be for you.

Great value for money and a great material which feels comfortable and fits well to almost all smaller and medium sized car seats.

Review of Sakura Full Car Seat Cover Set in Black & Silver

This is a review of the Sakura full car seat cover set. It comes in black and silver so will suit most car interiors. It is made of nylon and you get a full car seats set with this product.

If you are after protecting your car seats from dirty feet or soiled clothes and spillages, then take a further look at this review to find out more about how we find this product.

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sakura car seat cover set

Technical DetailsRating3.6/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarMaterialnylonBrandSakuraCategoryuniversalNumber of seats5 seatsSeat Positionfront & rearDimensions43.4 x 31.8 x 9.9 cmWeight907 gWashableYesNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

Made of nylon and comes with all car seat covers, this Sakura car seat cover set will cover and protect your front drivers and passenger seats along with the rear seats of the car. At first glance, this product looks good but upon fitting it to test out, the nylon is not of the highest quality but it does look ok when fitted.

Fitting The Car Seat Cover Set

Fitting this set, which we’ve found with others is not too hard, it’s easier with the front seats than the rear. You will need a small to medium sized car seats for this set to best fit and anything on the larger size may not be able to use it.

If you have headrests on the back seats you will find it a bit more difficult to fit than the front seats which just slip over the edges around the seat. You will also find that there is no seat belt clip hole, which we have seen on a few car seat cover sets.

The front seat covers leave a gap around the edge of your seats so that the airbags are still fine and not blocked by this cover when on the driver or passenger seats.

Material & Technology

There is nothing really special to talk about regards the material, it’s not waterproof but it is washable. The material is thin but will keep the worst of the dirt and muck off of your car seats. If you work with oil, paintor anything of substance this cover may not entirely protect your car but it would keep up with an adventurous family who get out and about and have a dirty dog in the car too.Pros

  • Easy to fit to the front seats
  • Looks great when fitted in your car
  • Keeps off the dirt and muck that your family and pets may bring in to the car
  • Airbag compatible on your front driver and passenger seats
  • Very affordable price for a full car seat cover set


  • Not waterproof
  • Does not fit all cars even though it states it is universal
  • Rear seat belt clips are hidden behind the back seat cover which you will have to cut a hole to make them work


A very cheap and affordable car seat cover set, you will protect your car seats from most dirt, muck and wet dogs. This cover set though does not fit all cars, uses a thin nylon material which isn’t waterproof.

Review of Funky Black & Pink Car Seat Cover Set

This is a review of the black and pink trim car seat cover set. It comes with two front seats branded with pink hearts and is black in colour. This has been made for those who wish to have a semi pink interior of their car, funky styling and also after protection from every day wear and tear.

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black and pink trim car seat cover set

Technical DetailsRating3.4/5Price£WarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandYooboxCategoryfunkygirlyuniversalNumber of seats5 seatsSeat Positionfront & rearWashableYesNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

Car Seat Cover Set

This is a universal car seat cover set in black with pink trim on the front seats. Being universal they should fit most cars with the exception of a few. This is aimed at those who are after a girly interior to further protect their car seats. This set has two front seat covers and a cover for the rear seats.

Individual Seat Fittings

Fitting the front seats was very easy but it does not seem that they will stay in place, getting in and out of your car may move them on and off a little and they may need re-fitting every once and a while. The two front seats of this car seat cover set are the only seats with the pink heart pattern, the rear are just black.

The rear seats are covered by one big cover and fitting seems ok for smaller and medium sized cars. The problem is that the cover only has gaps for two of the three rear seat belts. The middle seat section of the cover does not have a gap in it, so you can’t use a seat belt when sat in the middle rear seat.

Material & Technology

The car seat cover set is made of a hard wearing material which is machine washable. It isn’t waterproof but will keep your seats protected from splashes and other liquids that are spilled. This material will definitely keep your car seats protected from dirt and general wear and tear.Pros

  • Universal car seat cover with a nice pink girls trim on the front seats
  • Front car seats fit great on nearly all front car seats, driver and passenger


  • Rear seats do not fit all cars
  • There is no gap or slit in the rear seat cover to allow for a middle seat belt to be worn
  • Quality of the material is not the best


A lovely looking car seat cover with a pink heart design on the front seats. The material is not the most hard wearing but it still looks good.

The price of this car seat cover set is one of the best.

Review of 9 Piece Sports Full Set Car Seat Covers

A sporty looking car seat cover set by xtremeauto in blue and black. This is a universal car seat cover set which is made to fit most cars, both front and back seats. In this review, we look at whether this car seat cover set is the right one for your cars interior.

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xtreme auto car seat cover set

Technical DetailsRating3.6/5Price£££WarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandxtremeautoCategoryuniversalNumber of seats5 seatsSeat Positionfront & rearWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

If you want to improve the interior of the car, you will need a full car seat cover set and this could be the one for you. Made by xtremeauto, this set is blue and black and would suit most cars. It comes with 2 front seat covers and the entire back seat cover as well.


Fitting this car seat cover set is very easy and looks great when on the car seats. We found that it will not work with the rear seats with split car seats. It will only work if you have three back seats in a row. A downside though is that there weren’t any splits or holes in the back seat cover to fit seat belt clips for the middle seat. You would have to fashion your own to make them fit and for people to sit safely in the rear of the car.

As with other car seat cover sets, the front car seat covers for the passenger and drivers seats fit really well to most cars but the back seat cover proves difficult for larger vehicles.

Look and Feel of Material

It looks really great when you first get it out of its packaging but once fitted it doesn’t look as good as the picture. The material will probably take a fair bit of use but there are some areas where the cover will get more use when you are moving in and out of the car. With this, the covers may not last forever as the material is thin.

They are not waterproof which is a big negative but this material will definately help keep your seats in a better condition than without them.Pros

  • Quick to fit front seats
  • Look great in blue and black and will help keep grime, dust and dirt off of your seats
  • Really good price for the entire car set
  • Compatible with side airbags
  • Machine washable at 40c, if they do get dirty, you can just put them in the washing machine


  • Not waterproof
  • Rear seats dont fit larger cars
  • No hole or gap in the middle of the rear seat cover for the seat belt clip which is dangerous


If you are after some cheaper seat covers for your entire car, these could be for you. They are hit and miss with fitting on the rear seats if you have a bigger car and the middle is missing a seat belt clip hole. For the price though, we are still quite impressed and only time will tell if they last for a long time.

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