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So you need a cat carrier so you can bring your cat along for the ride in your car, take it to the vets or for other small journeys. We have tested and reviewed 4 of the best cat carriers on the market in our car and out on journeys.

There are so many different types of cat carrier available now, some of them you won’t even use in a car, maybe in the house, out on a walk or even just to keep your kitty close.

You can spend quite a lot on a cat carrier or even very little, it depends on your needs. If you live close by to your vet and that is the only time you will use a cat box or carrier, you can get away with something that is quite cheap and affordable.

Some of the types of cat carrier we have come across include, but not limited to cardboardmetal cagesplastic boxesfabricfoldablecat slingcat harnesses and many more.

We have reviewed 4 of what we think can be the best cat carriers for car and home use, they cover different price brackets, from affordable through to more expensive product types.

Airline Approved Cat Carriers

We highly recommend that you inquire with an airline first before purchasing a cat carrier. We have reviewed an ‘airline approved’ cat box but after checking out whether this is actually allowed on flights, we have found it to be not allowed with some airlines. All airlines are different, below are all of the requirements for using a pet carrier on an airline and during a flight.

Virgin America Airlines Pet Carrier Requirements

American Airlines Pet Carrier Policy

Delta Airlines Pet Carrier Dimensions

Southwest Airlines Pet Flying Info

United Airlines Pet Travel Restrictions

The above airlines all have different requirements for in flight and cargo pet kennels and carriers. The best thing to do is to talk on the phone and check the requirements online on their resource pages.

How to get a cat to get used to its carrier

The best thing to do if you or your cat have never used a cat carrier before is to leave it open in your home were the cat can access it of it’s own free will. If you do this a few days prior, it will help get your cat used to the carrier and will be easier getting your cat inside when its time to travel in the car.

Leave it in the house available for them to freely explore it for at least a few days prior to taking them in it

We have listed the Stefanplast Gulliver Pet Travel box as the top product on the extra merit of car safety with specific seat belt fastening slits at the top. As much as we love the look to the Trixie wicker basket and would happily carry our cat in this it is the least appropriate for car travel. For long journeys the Catit design cabrio would be perfect with more than enough space,added food/water compartments and an extra tray for travel accidents. For a general all rounder the Amazon basics is a good starting travel cat carrier. 

Best Cat Carrier & Pet Transport Boxes

Review of Stefanplast Gulliver Pet Transport Box

This is a review of the Stefanplast Gulliver Transport Box we look at how suitable this carrier is for housing your cat while you travel. 

Stefanplast Gulliver Transport Box

The Stefanplast Gulliver transport carrier consists of a hard plastic base and top with a mesh style metal door. The metal door comes off fully. It is clipped and screwed into place at the top and bottom of the left and right sides. I feel it can be a little awkward to unclip to let your cat in and out as you need to at least unclip both the top and bottom of one side. I would say the extra fidliness however accounts for the extra security provided with four clips keeping the door on. Safety and security is a key bonus to this little budget carrier.

There are specific slits at the top of the carrier that allow for a seat belt to pass through them to keep the carrier still and secure while in the car, giving you extra peace of mind your cat is traveling safely. 

The carrier is quite lightweight meaning you can lift in and out of the car easily. The inside size and shape of the carrier is a little compact, easily transporting one small cat or maybe two kittens but not a large cat. Due to the size of the carrier being quite snug it makes the carrier suitable for short journeys to the vet however may be pushing it for long haul journeys where a carrier with a little more room would be more suited. 

As there is no top hatch to the carrier, your cat will need to go into the carrier through the front door, which can take a little coaxing and may be a little tricky for an anxious kitty. I would recommend getting your cat used to the carrier leave it in the house available for them to freely explore it for at least a few days prior to taking them in it and even after I would put it somewhere that it becomes “part of the furniture” rather than the the item that take solely takes them to the vets. 


  • Sturdy and strong carrier
  • Easy to assemble
  • Specific design on the top to allow for seat belt
  • Simple design
  • Lightweight


  • Quite snug, not a great deal of space
  • Check the size of the carrier is large enough for your cat
  • Does not come with any extra features such as accessible feeding bowls or litter tray
  • Cat can only go in through the front door


The Stefanplast Gulliver pet carrier is a simple design at a budget price, I wouldn’t say it suits someone looking for a cat carrier for long journeys but more so for those doing frequent trips to their local vet. 

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Stefanplast Gulliver Transport Box, 48 x 32 x 31 cm, Grey

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Review of Amazon Basics Black Fabric Pet Carrier

This is a review of the AmazonBasic Black Soft-Sided Fabric Pet Carrier, made and provided by Amazon we are intriuged to see how it fairs as a pet carrier for our cat. 

AmazonBasics Black Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

The AmazonBasics pet carrier is an all soft carrier, made from a thick durable polyester material. It comes flat packed with a base insert, fleece pet bed and an adjustable shoulder strap. It assembles pretty quickly and uses a spring wire frame to hold it upright. 

For your cat to get into the carrier you there are two entrances one at the front which is via a zipped openning and another at the top which has double zips.

This provides a stress free scenario when trying to get your cat into the carrier as they can be gently placed in as well as the double zips providing extra security that it is not opened. The design is of the carrier is well thought of with mesh on all four sides providing lots of ventilation and your cat having full view of its surroundings as you travel. 

The carrier can also be secured to the back seat using the seat belt to go through the handles on the top as well as the adjustable shoulder strap that can go over a head rest on the back seat and be tightened for extra safety. The carrier is lightweight and very portable both when in use by carrying with the shoulder strap or when deconstructed again to be flat packed, making it very easy to store away. If you are also off via air travel is easy to store the smallest pet carrier  with your cat inside under a seat on a plane. 

Overall I would say we were very impressed with the Amazon Basics pet carrier.


  • Sleek black design
  • Comes with fleece bedding that is fully machine washable
  • Three different sizes allow to accommodate from small to large breeds as long as the right size chosen
  • Shoulder strap allows for hands free carrying
  • Mesh ventilation on all four sides of carrier
  • Your cat can see you
  • You can keep an eye on your cat
  • Easy to fold away when not in use
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Next day delivery available for Amazon Prime


  • Is not ideal for pets that like to chew things alot as may easily chew through the carrier mesh. 
  • Small space for sizes given, ,make sure to get the correct sizing, I would aim the slightly larger size for your pet
  • If you have a large breed cat look for a specifically large breed carrier as the large may be too small


If your cat is large or is likely to chew there way out of a situation then look elsewhere. Other than that the AmazonBasics pet carrier is a well designed, well made carrier and is great value for money for transporting many types of cat breeds in a cosy, comfortable and easily secured setting within your car.  

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Amazon Basics Pet carrier bag, soft side panels, Black, Large

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Review of the Catit Design Cabrio Cat Carrier

This is a review of the Catit Design Cabrio Cat Carrier that we have tested out to see whether it transports our favourite feline happily. 

Catit Design Cat Cabrio Carrier

The Catit Cabrio cat carrier is made from a strong sturdy plastic acrylic. There are vents along both side panels of the plastic carrier and on the front door providing excellent ventilation for your cat. The first door is also clear allowing you or while driving your passengers to keep an eye on your cat. At the front there is a feeding tray with two sections for food and water, this is a removable tray but it will leave a bit of a gap at the front if permanently removed. 

It arrives with you flat packed and you will need to put together three sections the top and bottom half fix together and then you will need to clip in the front section. Once assembled it feels pretty robust, however I would say it isn’t the easiest to put back down to flat, to store away and I would advise against this as doing this may make the carrier less sturdy. 

One fantastic component to the Catit cat carrier is that there is an opening at the top, therefore no coaxing your cat into the carrier just lifting them gently into the top, perfect. There is also a decent amount of space in the carrier which may even be able to carry two cats together unless they are  large breeds such as a Maine coon I would recommend they have the carrier to themselves for comfort. 

I could easily say this particular carrier works well for both small journeys to the vets or longer journeys for when your taking your cat with you on holiday or moving house. As there are no particular attachments to help secure the carrier in the car you will need put a selt belt though the handle section at the top before putting the belt into the buckle this should keep the carrier secure while traveling in your car. Pros

  • Top opens up to allow you to place your cat in the carrier stress free
  • There is a strong intergrated handle and shoulder strap
  • The floor of the carrier is skid resistant to prevent your car sliding around while transporting
  • Comes in three colours pink, orange and white. 
  • The clear front door enables passengers in the car to keep an eye on your cat
  • With vent openings on the sides of the carrier and on the front doors provides good ventilation for your cat
  • An internal collection gutter provides an extra compartment that collects any split water or little accidents
  • The Carrier is flight airline approved


  • It states airline approved, however I would double check this with your airline prior to buying if you are planning on plane travel as well as car travel for your cat
  • It will not fold flatpack
  • There are no particular attachments that make it designed for the car you would not to add these yourself


The Catit cat carrier is a roomy transporter for any cat small or large. Robust, ventilated and stress free for your kitty. I would not say it has been specifically designed for car travel in mind as there is no specific fastener but features of the carrier allow it to sit and secure more than adequately while travelling in the car. 

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Catit Cabrio Cat Carrier, Turquoise

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Review of the Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

We review the Trixie Wicker Cat Basket and see whether it fairs against its plastic fully man-made alternatives. 

Trixie Cat Basket

The Trixie cat basket is made of a strong and sturdy wound wicker, I have to say I love the way it looks with its circular entrance it has a very classic design. You can imagine any cat loving the hidey hole nature of this basket. For an extra bonus it is a lot more environmentally friendly than many other cat carriers on the market that use hard plastic. 

The basket comes already made and set up. All you need to do is unlatch the wooden toggle holding the metal door shut and open it for your cat to jump in. Your cat will be sure to enjoy investigating this little cave or if you have a number of cats they each with be eager to try it out. 

Inside the basket it is pretty snug in size, the wicker walls are thick and strong allowing for scratches from your feline friend and the bumpy flooring of the basket adds texture to the carrier that your car will also like, you can also add a blanket in there if you want and i’m sure they will soon fall asleep. The metal door itself is only secured in two places with a clip and a toggle therefore an energetic or very determind cat may be able to push through this so that is something to bear in mind. 

In terms of car travel I wouldn’t say it is as simple as other carriers as there is no clips or slits for the seat belt to go through. You can use the handle at the top to put the seat belt through but I would question the strength of this. As a passenger traveling with your cat in the car for example in a taxi or a friends car this basket would be more than fine, if traveling solely you and your cat most of the time you may wish to buy a carrier that has been made specifically for the car in mind. 


  • Gorgeous design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strong sturdy basket
  • Provides a snug sleeping spot
  • Comfortable


  • No fasteners to attach the seat belt through in the car
  • Only one way in and out
  • Only able to view your cat through the front. 


The Trixie cat basket is a beautifully made and designed carrier, providing a portable snooze spot for your feline companion, the cat basket can be used in the car but I would recommend there are other passengers to sit on the back seat with your cat while you travel. 

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TRIXIE 2871 Cat Basket with Grid 50 cm Diameter

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