Best Dog Rear Car Seat Covers and Protectors

Recently bought a new car or have a new dog in the family? If you have an active life and love taking your dog for a walk on beaches, muddy trails or even hiking over mountains. A dog car seat cover would help keep your wet and muddy friend from messing up your rear car seats. We have reviewed waterproof, quilted, padded and fleeced dog car seat covers below in different price brackets to find the best dog seat cover and protector for your car.

As part of our best of reviews, we have gone through many dog car seat covers and have reviewed them and put what we think are the best products here. There are hundreds of dog seat covers available on Amazon and we’ve tested out what we think are the pick of the bunch.

Below you’ll find a run down of the best car seat dog covers, each with it’s own thorough review. At the top we have summarised each dog cover in a table and then below, included the full review so you can quickly find out the best rear seat protector and then also follow it down for a more thorough read.

What we like about dog car seat covers is that not only will they protect your back seats from dirt and grime if your dog is using them but some of the hammocks also protect the back of the front seats of the car and also act as a barrier. This means that your seat backs will stay as clean as your seats, even if they are trying to jump around.

The good thing about the hammock style rear seat covers are they are usually easier to remove than barriers and pet guards and you can easily wash them in your washing machine on a low heat. Great if you want to keep a dog seat hammock in your back seats for a holiday and then remove it at the end to wash for the next adventure as someone may want to use your rear seats instead of your dog if your family are off out on an adventure.

Difference Between Dog Seat Cover & Hammock Protectors

We didn’t know car seat dog hammocks existed for the rear seats of a car when we first looked in to these. We had our little guy sat on the rear seats and clipped in to a seat belt with a harness on him. One thing we noticed, even with a small seat belt clip strap on him, he could still get in between the two front car seats, this is where a hammock helps. There are front to back dog barriers, but a hammock ticks off a few things with just one product.

What the dog hammock does is put a protective barrier in between you and your rear seats. So if your dog is wet, muddy or sandy, you can protect the back of the front seats as well as the rear seats.

With a dog car seat cover, it just sits on top of the rear seats and the backrest and usually fits the headrests on the back seats to hold it in place. You don’t get as much coverage or protection with a general bottom dog seat cover, compared to the dog seat hammock but they both have their place in the back of a car.

The Luv Pets dog car seat cover hammock came in first due to its price and extra features, comparing it to the Topists hammock, they were two very similar products. Both padded, protected the rear seats, front seats and even the sides with extra flaps. These products really had been thought about, if you want a comfortable spot for your dog then these two are for you.

If you want more protection the Topist and Me and My Dog will both cover the back of your cars front seats, so you’ll get protection from dirt and will also stop your dog climbing through to the front. The Topist does cost a lot more so if you are after a hammock style back seat cover for your dog, we would recommend the Me and My Dog.

The Me & My Dog seat protector which we ranked 3rd just wasn’t finished as well as the Topist and Luv Pets. For the price though, it is a fantastic seat protector. We haven’t tested it for more than a few days but we’re sure it would last at least a year or two of adventures out with your dog.

If you simply want to protect your back seats, and more as an emergency car seat cover. You can keep them in your boot or under a car seat until they are needed. Either of these will be suffice for the odd trip. The EdenPetz will be your best bet if you are after a soft fleece style and if thats what your dog prefers, but you may need to clean this one more often than the others because of it’s material it is made of.

1Review of Luv Pets X-Large Luxury Dog Seat Cover4.8/5££££cat, dog, universal, waterproofCheck price @ Amazon
2Review of Topist Pet Hammock a Dog Car Seat Cover4.8/5£££dog, waterproofCheck price @ Amazon
3Review of Me & My Dog Car Rear Seat Protector Cover4.6/5£cat, dog, universal, waterproofCheck price @ Amazon
4Review of Eden Petz Dog Car Seat Protector4.6/5££dog, funky, universal, waterproofCheck price @ Amazon

Review of Luv Pets X-Large Luxury Dog Seat Cover

A review of the Luv Pets Extra Large Luxury Rear Dog Seat Cover which can be found on Amazon. This looks like one of the best seat covers we have reviewed, it looks to have answered all problems we have seen with cheaper car seat covers and has plenty of extras. Below you’ll find out more about it as we take it through it’s paces and see if it’s good enough for your dog and lifestyle.

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luv pets x large dog seat cover

Technical DetailsRating4.8/5Price££££WarrantyNoVehiclecarMaterialnylonpaddedquiltedBrandLuv Pets CoCategorycatdoguniversalwaterproofNumber of seats2 seatsSeat PositionrearDimensions152 x 145 x 1 cmWeight1300 gSizedoubleWashableYesNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

Where do we start with this review, this is at first glance, one of the best seat covers we have had the pleasure to review. Our little cocker spanial cross is going to be driven around in style, in comfort and most importantly, it looks like it will do a great job of keeping our rear car seats clean and free from dirt, mess and moisture.


This car has one of the best chances to fit your cars rear seats. It has been made to fit small cars and large cars. It comes with quick release fastenings so that it can be used in one or more of your cars and moved from one to the other easily and quickly. When moving it from one car to the other or taking it out if not travelling with your dog, you can easily pack it away in it’s original packaging which can be left in the boot or nearby.

You can fit this to protect just the rear seat back and bottom, where your bum goes. The rest of the material will fit down in to the footwell, this is great if you want other people sitting on the rear seats as well as your cat, dog or pet. You can use this configuration if your dog is strapped in to the rear seatbelt.

It can also be set up so that it covers the rear of the front seats and side of the car internally too. This makes it work more like a hammock and with that, you know that every part of your cars rear seats are 100% protected from muck, dirty and any other mess or liquids.


This rear dog seat cover protector also comes with gaps in the cover for you to clip your dog in to a seat belt clip or to even fit your childs car seats. If you aren’t using your seat belt with your dog, you can actually cover these gaps up and be 100% sure that nothing will get through on to your car seats, which includes dog hair.Pros

  • Unlike all other car seat covers, this comes with side flanks so will protect your cars side doors internally too
  • Quilted and padded, so not only will it protect your cars seats, it will keep your dog comfortable and happy
  • Non slip rubber added to the underside so that this car seat cover will not move around
  • Quick release fastenings, so if you have more than one car, you can move this from one to the other quickly


One of the best, if not the best car seat cover we have reviewed for a dog or your pet. You have to spend a bit more to get this product but it definitely has been thought about. Should fit your car and protect it for years to come.

Review of Topist Pet Hammock a Dog Car Seat Cover

This is a review of the Topist Pet Dog Car Seat Cover. A strong, robust car seat cover for your dog to sit in and comfortable enough for them to snooze in while you travel. It covers the car seat protecting from dog hair and debris. Read further below for more details on this car seat cover.

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topist dog car seat cover hammock

Technical DetailsRating4.8/5Price£££WarrantyNoVehiclecarMaterialnylonpaddedquiltedBrandTopistCategorydogwaterproofNumber of seats1 seatsSeat PositionrearWeight1000 gSizedoubleWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

The Topist car seat cover is easy to attach to the front and back seat headrests using strong straps and buckles, these can be adjusted to suit different cars. If you have a lively dog there are hooks and disks that mean you can make the attachment even more secure.  The hammock style catches all sand, dirt and debris in it, allowing your car seats and foot wells to stay clean and tidy. 


The material is a soft padded and quilted nylon, comfortable for a lovely nap for your dog after a nice walk.

There are velcro slits that allow to connect a dog seat belt attachment to your dog’s harness or collar. These holes were great as you could open and close them because they are made of velcro. So if you wanted to strap your dog in to the car seat belt clip, you could. Or if you wanted your dog to have free reign of the back seats whilst still protecting the seats from your dog, you could do this too.

Best Rear Dog Car Seat Cover

We have ranked this #1 out of all of the rear dog car seat covers we have tested. Unlike others we have reviewed, it is quilted, padded and waterproof and versatile. So not only is it comfortable for your pet and dog, it is practical as well. It was a close call between this and Luv Pets X Large Cover, but this beat it out on price. Because it cost slightly less, yet did the same job, looks just as good and does everything we could need of it.

We could even fit it in to our boot which meant it really is a versatile dog car accessory. Whether you want to put your dog in the boot or on the rear seats, it’s up to you and with one product you can swap and change as you need to. We know it’s not easy having multiple products, each doing just one thing, we often move our dog from the back seats to the boot depending on the journey length and if we need to pack anything for our adventure. With this we can get the best of both worlds, a boot mat and back seat covers.Pros

  • Padded and quilted like a comfortable blanket
  • Catches all dog hairs, mud and debris
  • Soft material allows for dog to not slide around
  • Waterproof, perfect for your wet pooch after a splash in the river
  • Comes in a stylish black cover, we think it looks really good
  • Can be fit from the back seat headrests to the boot if its preferred you dog travels there


  • The is no strap to keep the cover attached to the side of the seats, therefore dog hairs can occasionally build up here
  • Some cars have three headrests in the back and this cover suits that of straps for two headrests


Well thought out back car seat cover designed for you dog friend in mind, proving to be practical, safe and comfortable for your dog to travel in.

Review of Me & My Dog Car Rear Seat Protector Cover

A review of the Me & My Pets Car Rear Seat Protector Cover. A dark blue rear seat protector which protects the entire row of seats from mucky paws and pets which are dirty or wet.

This looks like a really promising rear pet car seat cover for your dog, which if you have a busy adventurous lifestyle, should be perfect for you and your budget.

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me and my dog car seat cover

Technical DetailsRating4.6/5Price£WarrantyNoVehiclecarMaterialnylonBrandMe & My PetsCategorycatdoguniversalwaterproofNumber of seats2 seatsSeat PositionrearDimensions140cm x 150cmWeight798 gSizedoubleWashableYesNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

On arrival, it came in similar packaging, it’s a very simple dog car seat cover to fit to your rear seats.

This is a hammock type fitted rear car seat cover for your dog. What that means is that it covers the back seats backrest, the back seats seat and the back of the front seats, in a hammock shape.

It has adjustable straps so should fit all cars rear seats. You can fit your rear seat belts through the small gaps so that you can still attach your dog to a seat belt if you want.

Make sure you have front and rear car seat headrests as the dog car seat cover relies on these to fit them to the rear seats.


Your dog or other pet may slip around on the material, not because they are wet, but because the material seems slippy in general. Other than that, it should last a long while as it looks well made and heavy duty. There is a zip in the middle between the two front car seats, this is not the strongest but does give you access to the rear if you need it. If your dog is not strapped in, then they might be able to get over or through this rear seat cover zip.

We’d maybe recommend using a little towel or blanket of different material to sit on top of it which wouldn’t slide around, this may make your dog feel more comfortable in the rear seats.


This rear car seat cover fits the entire width of your car seats so you can have not just one, but a couple of dogs on it. Although, bigger cars out there may have a small gap on either end of the rear seat cover. This may lead to your dog jumping down in to the footwell if you don’t have them strapped in.Pros

  • Water resistant so a wet or dirty dog won’t be staining your rear sets
  • We reckon it’s good value for the money
  • Very easy to fit and install in the rear of your seats
  • Where the cover fits it will definately keep your seats clean and dry for many years to come


  • With wider cars, you may find that it leaves a small gap on either end of the cover
  • Zip in the middle is not the strongest
  • Having other passengers on your back seat may be a problem due to the entire rear seats being covered
  • Didn’t come with instructions


An excellent value for money dog rear seat cover for your car. It’s universal and should fit all cars out there and all pet sizes too. Just be warned that bigger, stronger dogs may find their way through the middle of the two front seats or in to the foot well if your car is bigger. The material does seem slippy though so your dog may slide around if not strapped in.

Review of Eden Petz Dog Car Seat Protector

In this review we cover the Dog Car Seat Cover by Eden Petz. This is a waterproof, fleece lined car seat cover for your rear seats which has a lovely paw print on it.

We look further in to this lovely looking car seat cover for dogs to see if this is for you and your car.

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edenpetz dog car seat cover

Technical DetailsRating4.6/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarMaterialfleeceBrandEden PetzCategorydogfunkyuniversalwaterproofNumber of seats2 seatsSeat PositionrearDimensions140 x 105 x 10 cmWeight1700 gSizedoubleWashableYesNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating


Fitting the Eden Petz dog car seat cover could not be easier, it has multiple fastenings and belts to help you fit this cover to any car. One thing to be said about this cover is that it comes with plenty of fastenings. Whether you have car seat headrests or not, this cover will have a way to fit on your rear seats.

It’s a large rear seat cover so smaller cars may find that it can be big when fitted. This makes it perfect for bigger cars.


This is a comfortable dog car seat cover because it is lined, it feels nice to sit on and due to it coming down in to the foot well of the car means that passengers can also sit on your rear seats at the same time as your dog. A problem with a passenger though is that the gaps in the car seat cover aren’t very big so that means that getting the seat belt out to use can be difficult.


You can keep this clean by machine washing it, hoovering and shaking off. As mentioned previously though, because it is fleece lined, if something is spilled on it, it will be harder to keep clean and will also trap dog and pet hairs, which you might find hard to remove.

No More Dirt

With any car seat cover, this will hold off dirt, muddy paws and wet dogs. This will keep your car seats clean and dry for a long time to come.Pros

  • Great design, cool and funky with paw prints on the fleece lining
  • Fits almost any car with all of its extra fittings
  • Fits big cars
  • Soft fleece lining for your dogs comfort


  • Fleece material is hard to get dog hair off
  • Because of all the fittings to make this a universal car seat cover for dogs, it means that removing it to clean or swap cars can be tricky


It seems that the positive of having a comfortable fleece lined dog car seat cover is also a negative, because it is fleece lined. It means that it holds on to the dog hair more than a nylon or other material normally would.

It’s a great funky looking dog car seat cover, and if you can deal with hoovering it quite often this would be a great dog car seat cover, it’s a great price and rated very highly.

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