Best Car Window Dog and Pet Vent

Car window dog and pet vents are used for when driving or for when you leave your dog in the car when nipping out and leaving your loved one in your car.

best car window dog vent

We’ve reviewed this product as we have a little rescue cocker spaniel cross and we venture out loads with the little fella. If he isn’t in our boot behind a dog guard or in his crate on loner journeys, we’re using a back seat dog covers and he’s strapped in and when he’s there he loves nothing more than fresh air flying in through the window.

We can’t have the window too far open though so we have looked in to these window vents.

One of the best scenarios we can see this working in is if you’re still near your car, having a picnic or something similar and your dog needs to stay inside as someone you are with is allergic, then a trellis and car window vent is perfect.

The last thing you want is for your dog or pet to get too warm during their stay in your car and a trellis would be perfect for keeping it much cooler.

It is not illegal to keep your dog in your car in the UK but you must make sure that if you do, it is never for more than a few minutes, cars can get seriously hot, even in the UK.

Hopefully with a car window vent you know that your dog won’t overheat and will be happy in a cooler environment.

They all use the same trellis design and are made out of a similar type of plastic. We would highly recommend the Me Y My Pets car window vent first as it seems to be more heavy duty compared to the others.

If you are after a specific window size though, the Trixie you can purchase for different window widths, great if you have a bigger or smaller can than normal.

You can’t go wrong with any we have listed, they are all great products and will do their job perfectly.

Best pet car window vent guards

Review of RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard

This is a review of RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard which will keep dogs safe inside a well ventilated car and stop it getting out.

 RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard

The RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard is made of a strong hard plastic. In comparison to others we have tried I would like to mention this one appears to be the sturdiest. Although saying that this still is not going to be a match for someone who wants to break into your car as it is only plastic in their way.

To attach you will need to wind down the window then attach to the glass and wind back up, if you have an electric window you may have difficulty as we have had with the automatic safety release where it takes the window down slightly. If you have manual wind down windows you will have no trouble unless you have curves in your windows. This is a guard only for the back windows to your car, so will not work in a van or car with only front seats and windows.

This model is light, compact and is easily stowed away. It does not provide the largest of ventilation spaces, so if your after something bigger look for an extra large option or one that can have two put together. Other than that the RAC guard does what is says it does and your dog will have enough ventilation and a good viewing spot to keep an eye on you if you need to keep them in the car for a short period.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to fit
  • Good quality material
  • Very sturdy


  • Only works on back windows
  • Problem with electric windows
  • Will not fit all windows


This is a well made product making it very good value for money. Make sure to check your windows shape prior to buying.

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RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard, clear

Last update was on: June 27, 2024 4:42 am
£5.70 £5.99

Review of Me & My Pets Car Window Guard/Vent

This is a review of the Me and My Pets Car Window Dog Guard and Vent.

me and my pets car vent dog window

The Me & My Pets Car Window Guard/Vent is made from a sturdy hard plastic. It is quite heavy and solid in comparison to what it looks like in pictures. We tried this with our  Fiat panda and Peugeot 307 and were pleasantly surprised it fit both. You would think it was down to the manual adjustment of one of the cars having no electric windows but it wasn’t.

To fit you simply just need to lower (or wind down) your window place the guard onto the glass of the window and then raise your window again so that the guard fits tightly into the window gap at the top. Once in place the guard feels sturdy. I would not however rely on this to deter any one from stealing valuables from inside or even stealing your car as although it is sturdy it could be easily pushed through with a heavy hand. It you have a child lock in your back car windows it is worth putting this on to provide extra hold.

Getting the guard in place can take a while is one thing we noticed more so with the electric windows. This seemed to be due to a safety mechanism with a lot of cars that if the is enough resistance the window will drop back down again, however persevere as it will work with a bit of fiddling around with the window. With the manual wind down window this seemed to be a little easier as you had more control of how far the window was moving.

The guard provides excellent venting for your dog and the guard will fit a window of up to 60 cm in width. It is fully adjustable and when not longer required it can be folded back down and even stowed away neatly under the passenger seat.


  • Adjustable to fit most car windows
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy in position
  • Great value
  • Easy to clean and stow away
  • Available as a single or pair


  • Fiddly to get the position right
  • Reduces security to vehicle as can be pushed through with a heavy hand


This is a simple designed, great value for money dog guard/vent that will do the trick as long as you are still in eyes distance of your vehicle. 

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Me and My Pets Car Window Dog Vent/Guard

Last update was on: June 27, 2024 4:42 am

Review of Trixie Ventilation Lattice Car Window Guard

This is a review of the Trixie Ventilation Lattice Car Window Guard / Vent

Trixie Valveation Lattice Car Window Guard / Vent

The Trixie ventilation window dog guard is made of a sturdy resistance plastic. What is particularly great about this guard is that it comes in the option of extra large to fit wider windows and a normal size. So if you have an estate car or 4×4 you could choose the 30 x 110cm guard to fit your cars or vehicles larger windows.

To fit you need to wind down your window and then attach the guard on top of the glass and then wind the window back up, similar to the other ventilation products we’ve reviewed although there is a little bit of an effort with the manual wind up windows the problem seems to occur with the electric windows. Potentially to do with the strength and rigidness to the guard creates a resistance that then makes the electric window drop down slightly, therefore fitting this guard is not straight forward as it should be.

Again with these types of dog guard ventilation you cannot assume this is going to keep your car secure as at the end of the day it is just hard plastic in the way so make sure to keep your valuables out of sight and to still be able to keep an eye on your car and companion from a distance, if you are going further than this, take your dog with you. If you are using it whilst driving then it will stop your dog from jumping out if they are new to sitting in the back of a car but still need vents to keep cool.


  • Extra large ventilation
  • Two size options
  • Excellent for wide windows
  • Easy to stow away
  • Cheap


  • Problematic with electric windows


A little tricky to get right with the electric windows but if you have an estate car this can be a great help!

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Trixie Valveation Lattice for Cars, 30 x 110 cm

Last update was on: June 27, 2024 4:42 am

Review of PetGear Car Window Vent/Guard

This is a review of the PetGear Car Window Vent/Guard

PetGear Car Window Guard Vent

The PetGear car window guard/vent has to be one of the cheapest car window vent/guard options available. Made of hard plastic, it is a small compact and handy device that can be hidden away in the car until you need to use it.

To set up simply requires lowering your window and attaching the vent/guard to the window glass and wind back up. The device is a little flimsy to hold but still provides a sturdy frame once in place in between your window and door frame.

Unfortunately what I have found is that it only works on a window that is actually square in shape, if it is rounded at the ends it leaves fairly large gaps which defeats the object of having it.

The amount of ventilation is also a little disappointing at full stretch you are looking at about 15cm. This isn’t the largest window vent but if it fits your window and you need it longer you could always put two together, with such a cheap price this is doable. If though you are after something small then this one would be perfect for you and your dog.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to stow away


  • Difficult to fit at first
  • Requires a square shape window to fit
  • Only provides a small gap


This is a cheap, simple yet effective dog guard providing a ventilation through a small gap in your window as long as your windows are square enough for it to fit.

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