Best Dog Car Seat Cushion & Booster Seats

Figuring out where to keep your dog when you travel in your car? Maybe keeping them on a dog car seat cushion can help keep them comfortable and secure.

We’ve reviewed 4 of the best dog car seat cushions and dog boosters which you can use for your small or large dog whilst traveling. Within these reviews we have chosen a dog booster seat, which lifts your small dog up on the car seat of your choice so they can see out of the window and also be strapped in to a protective dog seat.

As well, we have chosen 2 dog seat cushions which fit on to any seat and strap in to seat belts which fit smaller dogs perfectly and a travel dog bed which can be used in and out of your car.

If you have a smaller dog, we highly recommend the dog seat booster seat which has protective walls and you can place your dog in to it. It means they won’t wander off because they will sit inside of it. As well, it has a clip so you can secure your little dog in for extra security.

If you have a medium to large dog, then we recommend the Outdoor Paws dog travel bed. It rolls up which is great for putting it in to the car on the seat of your choice or to take it back in to the house or even when you are out and about. It is fully waterproof and feels really comfortable and hard wearing so should last and take plenty of liquids and mucky paws.

The other two dog seat cushions we have reviewed are still very good, but they are only suitable for smaller dogs. They fit perfectly on front and back seats and can connect to your seat belts to hold them in place. Both are water repellent and look really good.

1Check price @ AmazonReview of PawHut Dog & Puppy Car Booster Seat4.6/5£££
2Check price @ AmazonReview of Outdoor Paws Travel Dog Car Seat Cushion4.8/5££££
3Check price @ AmazonReview of the Bunty Travel Dog Bed4.7/5£
4Check price @ AmazonReview of Me & My Pets Car Seat Cushion Bed4/5££

Review of PawHut Dog & Puppy Car Booster Seat

This is a small dog and puppy car booster seat which will only fit dogs of up to 10kg in weight.

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pawhut dog car seat boosters

Technical DetailsWaterproofYesRating4.6/5Price£££WarrantyNoMaterialnylonBrandPawHutCategorywaterproofNumber of seats1 seatsSeat Positionrearfrontpassenger seatDimensions38 x 38 x 24 cmSizesingleWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

Are you after a booster seat box for your small dog? Want to keep them safe and in position to stop them running about or falling down from the seat.

We had it fitted in just a couple of minutes and ready to put our little dog in. The only requirement is that you have a head rest for the straps to fit around, using these actually give it strength. When we fitted it we pulled the straps up and lifted the booster dog seat up to the window, this is an amazing feature which isn’t seen in many products like this. So if you have a small dog and want them to be able to see outside, this is perfect for it.

This cute little dog seat booster hangs around the top of your car seat headrest and holds it above the actual seat in a boosted position. It has adjustable straps so that you can actually choose the height of the seat and where you want to put it.

It comes with a front zip pocket so you can put some important doggy things in and side mesh which the dog can see out of. As well as a leash which you can attach a dog lead too to keep them secure.

Due to the size of it, you won’t be able to fit any dog bigger than 10kg, our little pup is now 12kg and has put 2kg on in just a few weeks. It was though a really good fit for him when he was lighter and smaller but has just grown out of it. We have now moved him on to a car seat cushion on the back seats.

One thing we noticed as he grew bigger is that the bottom, which is quite sturdy, started to fall through a little and bend. So we’d recommend putting in another piece of hard material or a pillow so that it doesn’t bend completely.Pros

  • Lifts the dog up on the car seat for a better view and position, they can see out of the window.
  • Keeps the dog secure in a little basket on a seat of your choice with its harness attachment
  • Has a pocket on the front for snacks or other doggy things
  • Can be taken off and put in a different vehicle in minutes
  • Can be folded up and put flat and kept out of the way and


  • Bottom is made of hard material but can bend, so maybe fit a small pillow or dog bed
  • Only fits dogs of up to about 10kg in it


An awesome little dog car seat holder and booster. Unlike others which just sit on the seat, this one can be lifted up so the dog can see out. It’s not the most comfortable but a small dog bed or pillow in the bottom will help improve that. This is more of a protective and secure seat booster than a comfortable seat cushion which you just place on the car seat.

Review of Outdoor Paws Travel Dog Car Seat Cushion

A travel dog car seat cushion which can be used in and out of a car, rolled up and taken with you on your travels. This is fully waterproof and has a rough and a soft side which stops it slipping about on car seats and more comfortable on the other.

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travel pet dog car seat cushion

Technical DetailsWaterproofYesRating4.8/5Price££££WarrantyNoMaterialdeniernylonBrandPetfaceCategorydoguniversalwaterproofNumber of seats1 seatsWeight800 gSizesingleWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

We were after a travel dog bed for our little one, something we could use in the car and whilst out and about, visiting family etc. We saw this online at Amazon and thought it would be perfect. He’s grown out of his little booster seat we have also reviewed, so it was time to try something else.

It’s fully waterproof, on both sides and can be rolled up and taken away with you anywhere. We tested it out for a week were we went to the beach, visited family and took him for long walks which we drove to in the car.

As you can see, you can wrap this dog cushion up which is great, perfect for taking wherever you need. When you unwrap it you have two sides, one has been made to keep in contact with the floor or ground. It is more hard wearing, non slip, waterproof and made of polyester.

The top is made of nylon and is very comfortable, so comfortable we’ve actually upgraded his dog bed in our living room with this one. It works really well and is perfect from going from the car after a walk and in to the house. The cushion keeps our car seats clean and dry. If we have washed him, we can dry him out and leave him on this, so it’s a great multi purpose dog bed.

Because of it’s material, it is very easy to shake the sand off of it and even wipe mud clean off of it.Pros

  • Multi purpose dog cushion, can be used anywhere, rolled up and taken with you
  • Waterproof on both sides, keeps a wet dog off the floor and also keeps your car seats dry
  • Very easy to clean and if you need to you can machine wash it
  • Keeps dog hair and mud off of your car seats
  • Great for larger dogs compared to the booster seats which only fit small dogs


  • Bungee cords can be chewed by puppies which can be dangerous


An awesome multi purpose dog bed which we used on our back seats before and after walks. It doesn’t fit in like other dog seat cushions and booster seats we have tested but it’s bigger so most dog sizes will fit on this, it’s big and comfortable for our 12kg cocker spaniel cross. If you need something waterproof and hard wearing you can use in different situations, this one is for you.

Review of the Bunty Travel Dog Bed

This is a review of the Bunty travel dog bed. One little travel pet bed we wanted to test and to put through its paces in our car. 

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Bunty Travel Dog Bed

Technical DetailsRating4.7/5Price£WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvBrandBuntyCategorydogNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions50cm x 47cm. Back height: 11cm. Inside pad: 35cm x 30cmWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

The Bunty travel bed is made from a soft hard wearing material, it isn’t a luxury dog cushion, the main aim is your dog has a comfortable and secure fit and this little travel bed helps provide that. Comes with an anti slip base to prevent with slipping on the car seat, however I would say this depends how wriggly your dog is, you may need to purchase a non slip rubber mat with it. The size and particular style of travel dog bed is only suitable for smaller breed dogs.

To secure the bed in the car there is elastic loops underneath to put the seat belt though and fasten into a seat belt buckle. You can then clip your dogs harness to the clip provided with the travel bed. This is quite thin and for an active dog they will easily chew or pull this out, therefore I’d recommend using your own dog harness or even a no chew chain with the Bunty travel dog bed. This comfy little bed could be used on a number of different seats whether in the car or not, due to the airbags you should only have your dog in this in the car on the back seats unless you can turn your passenger seat airbag off.Pros

  • Creates a comfy snug sport for your dog
  • Allows your dog to quickly
  • Elastic bands underneath means ability to attach to seat belts
  • Flexible
  • Good strong stitching
  • The cushion is removable
  • Small attached lead can attach to dogs harness
  • Soft but hard working material


  • The attached lead is weak
  • Purchasing a seperate seat belt harness is recommended
  • Only suitable for smaller dog breeds


The Bunty dog travel bed is definitely a comfy little bed for your littlest canine companion while travelling in your car, if you do purchase this bed it is worth looking at getting stronger features such as the attachment lead, with the budget price it is easily doable to do.

Review of Me & My Pets Car Seat Cushion Bed

In this review we take a closer look at the Me & My Pets car seat cushion bed

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Me & My Pets Seat Cushion Bed

Technical DetailsWaterproofYesRating4/5Price££WarrantyNoMaterialpaddedpolyesterBrandMe & My PetsNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions45cm x 40cm x 14cmWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

The Me & My Pets travel bed comes in one size suitable for small dogs.

The bed is square in shape which I feel fits well on our car back seat. The material is water resistant, fully machine washable and the cushion is removable allowing for extra ease of cleaning. On the base is a non slip material to help keep the bed in place on the car seat.  As well as providing a comfortable spot for your dog while you travel it also helps keep your car clean from dog hairs and dirt from muddy paws as this will collect in the dog bed which can be taken from the car and cleaned. 

There are hoops on one side of the bed so that the seat belt can go through the hoops and into the belt buckle keeping the travel bed securely fitted to the car seat. There is also extra security in that the Me and My Pets travel bed also comes with an attached clip that allows you to secure your dog while travelling to the bed using their dog harness. The attachment lead and clip however is fairly small and doesn’t have much give, OK for small dogs that don’t need to move a little to get comfortable, otherwise it would be worth purchasing a separate dog car harness or lead that is longer for a slightly bigger than small or wriggly dog. Pros

  • Provides safe travel for your dog
  • Comes with attachment clip for your dogs harness
  • Comfortable, every dog should love to curl up on this dog car seat cushion
  • Hard wearing water resistant material
  • Suitable for puppies


  • Only suitable for small dogs
  • The length of the lead clip is short


The Me & My Pets travel bed is a great little bed for small dogs and puppies, providing comfort, safety and a smart way to travel. 

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