Best Steering Wheel Knob

Also known as suicide spinners we review and find out the best steering wheel knob for your car and to help aid you in driving with a physical disability or if you have recently injured yourself and have the use of one arm.

We have reviewed these steering wheel knobs because our car is stored and parked in a small car park and when all the cars are parked in their spot it takes us about a minute to maneuver our car out of our spot and on to the road to begin our journey. This was particularly hard when I injured my left arm and was struggling to turn the wheel a lot with it. As well as this, we mainly use our cars to go out on adventures and often find ourselve’s on back country roads, doing u-turns on single lane roads and on old unused gravel roads on our way to a hike or a dive, we think a spinner for our steering wheel was needed.

The first thing we have to mention regards these aids is that you make your insurance company know you are using one, especially if you have recently lost the use of one arm and still need to drive. It is imperative that they are aware of this, even if you are helped by having one on your steering wheel that is great, but just make sure you tick the legal boxes as well. Insurance companies need to know all improvements and modifications you make to your car, which should include a steering wheel knob.

You Can Use A Steering Wheel Knob For Other Vehicles

As well as using it in your car, especially if this is your only vehicle, you will need one if you only have the use of one arm. You can use them in vans, trucks, and even smaller vehicles like sit on lawn mowers.

They are great driving aids and would suit being used on other small vehicles that you use to turn a lot, as well as putting a steering wheel knob on a lawnmower, you could use it for an electric golf buggy, fork lift trucks, though they usually come inbuilt.

If you are driving around small areas and turning a lot, they are perfect for that.

Recent Injury On Your Arm

If you have recently had an injury on one of your arms, a steering wheel spinner will be perfect if you are driving daily. Broken your arm, in a cast and can only use one arm. Just make sure to ask your doctor before you drive, if they have allowed you to drive with your injury that will help with the legalities as well.

Sports Driving & Stunts

Are you an enthusiast of sports driving or doing stunts, using a suicide knob as they are known will help with some of the steering wheel movements you can do to complete some cool stunts.

If you are after a smooth and flat topped steering wheel knob, the best has to be the BL silicone steering wheel knob which we have ranked first. It is only a few more pounds so not much more to buy compared to the others, but it felt worlds a part when in use.

It has the best outer coating, using silicone gave it a soft finish and was nice to turn around your steering wheel for hours on end.

The 8 ball steering wheel knob is our 2nd favourite, it feels just like the other plastic knobs but is in the shape and look of a pool 8-ball. If you don’t drive too much then this could be the one for your.

The same goes for the Type-R and the Sumex carbon look steering wheel knob, they are both made of plastic and don’t feel the same as the silicone but are a great price and will all help with making steering your car easier if you have a problem using 2 hands on your steering wheel.

1Check price @ AmazonReview of Silicon Steering Wheel Knob4.5/5££££
2Check price @ AmazonReview of Carbon Look Steering Wheel Knob4.3/5£
3Check price @ AmazonReview of 8 Ball Steering Wheel Knob3.7/5££
4Check price @ AmazonReview of Type-R Chrome Steering Wheel Knob4.3/5£££

Review of Silicon Steering Wheel Knob

This is a review of the BL silicon steering wheel knob which is an offset knob and makes use of ball bearings to help when turning.

Check price @ Amazon

bl silicon steering wheel knob

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating4.5/5Price££££WarrantyNoBrandBLCategoryuniversalNumber of seats0 seatsDimensions17 x 10 x 7 cmWeight204 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

We ordered the silicon steering wheel knob and it arrived the next day on Amazon Prime. Nice and quick delivery meant we could get it fitted and straight in to testing.

This has to be the best looking steering wheel knob we have tested, it really looks the part.

At first glance it is definitely smoother than the others we have tested, it fitted in about a minute and then we were driving it around our grassy car park. We fitted it on the inside just like the picture above, it provides a smaller turning circle than if you were to clamp it on the outside.

The instructions came in Chinese so we couldn’t understand them, but we had fitted a few now so it wasn’t too hard, this is probably the only downside we have noticed with this product.

The silicone sits on the outside of the spinner knob and gives a great feel to the knob as you are using it, much better on the hand than the others we tested.Pros

  • Very strong fitting on to your wheel, really sturdy
  • Great feeling on your hand with the silicone rubber on the outside
  • Silky smooth movement around the turning circle of your steering wheel
  • Looks really good and should match any interior
  • Great price for something that feels like a well made product


  • The silicone layer is very thin, it feels great on your hand but may come off if you drive with gloves or hold on to the spinner knob tightly


The best looking and smoothest steering wheel knob we have tested out of the 4. Really awesome feel in the hand and great for moving around in small tight spaces when you continuually need to move your vehicle in to small spaces and around tight corners and will be reversing a lot.

It is a flat steering wheel spinner so you can place your palm on it and also grip the outside with its silicone coating. We highly recommend this steering wheel knob if you have recently had an accident or are disabled and can’t use one of your arms.

Review of Carbon Look Steering Wheel Knob

This is a review of the carbon steering wheel knob by XtremeAuto. It’s a carbon look product, so not entirely carbon but still looks as good as carbon.

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xtreme auto carbon look steerign wheel knob

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating4.3/5Price£WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandxtremeautoCategoryuniversalNumber of seats0 seatsWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

This carbon look steering wheel knob came within a few days of ordering, it didn’t have the prime option on Amazon but not to worry.

Being carbon look means it’s actually plastic which has a carbon wrap over the top of it to make it look like carbon. With this you get that great look but the the lightness that comes with carbon, but that doesn’t matter as the knob isn’t meant to be very light, it’s more for helping you steer.

It only takes a few minutes to secure on to your steering wheel and comes with a rubber insert to keep it tight and in place. Once securing this on to your steering wheel it’s ready to use, just a few minutes and you’re ready to drive away.

we drove around with it for a few days, around small back country roads, tight bendy backstreet town roads and parking in tight spaces when taking the dog for a walk, which is a daily occurance.

The downsides to this little device is that it can be a little squeeky and the fitting is not as secure as some of the others we tested, after a few days it did require re-tightening to the steering wheel.

This carbon steering wheel knob protrudes more than any other we tested, so if you don’t want one getting in the way, this isn’t for you.Pros

  • Great price
  • Good at steering you out of tight places
  • Nice and light on the hand


  • Not the comfiest material to hold on very long journeys
  • Not pure carbon
  • Sticks out the most compared to the others
  • The secure fitting does not look the best


A great entry level steering wheel knob, not the bet looking and doesn’t secure as tight as others but once you find the right position for it on your steering wheel it should work well.

Review of 8 Ball Steering Wheel Knob

Review of an 8 ball steering wheel spinner knob for your cars steering wheel, this is a quirky and fun knob that can help aid you when steering if you have a problem using both arms.

Check price @ Amazon

8 ball steering wheel knob

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating3.7/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandxtremeautoCategoryuniversalNumber of seats0 seatsDimensions3.3 x 2.9 x 0.2 inchesWeight226 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

Probably the best looking steering wheel knob we have reviewed, looks awesome on any steering wheel but it does seem to have its downsides.

if you’re in to pool or snooker, this is the one for you. It took just two minutes to install on to the wheel and fitted our thin Panda wheel very easily, this may not fit with thicker steering wheels or ones which have a steering wheel cover on top of it.

After we had fitted it we lubed it, as we learned from the other plastic Type-R spinner, with a little bit of spray grease it stopped squeeking and you can use some WD-40 or something similar to make it move more smoothly and stop it making a little noise when in use.

It screws together using a bolt and nut system, not like the other ones with allen bolts so this bit sticks out a little more compared to others.Pros

  • 8 ball style steering wheel knob
  • Easy to fit
  • Should fit all steering wheels, speed boats, vans, cars, lawn mowers etc
  • Great price


  • Made of plastic so not the most comfortable and if your hands get sweaty it can slip on it
  • Doesn’t fit bigger and thicker steering wheels
  • Needs to be sprayed with WD-40 or spray grease for it to squeek less


A very funny and comical steering wheel knob, would be great on any vehicle with a steering wheel, whether that is a lawn mower, camper van, speed boat or something to help you turn but look good at the same time.

Review of Type-R Chrome Steering Wheel Knob

Check price @ Amazon

type r chrome steering wheel knob

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating4.3/5Price£££WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandSumexCategoryuniversalNumber of seats0 seatsDimensions39 x 29.6 x 6.8 cmWeight41 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

This is the Type-R steering wheel knob by Sumex, a great looking chrome steering wheel knob. This one attaches on to the steering wheel and sits right on top of it, rather than just on the outside or inside.

The first thing we noticed with this spinner knob is that it is actually made of plastic, only the fitting attachment is chrome, so it feels just like the carbon look steering wheel knob we have also reviewed.

When fitting as well, we are lucky we have a very thin steering wheel in our Fiat Panda, so it fitted well but it was a tight fit. This may struggle to fit on to naturally thicker steering wheels.

It sure does look good on our steering wheel but after a few days use it does feel plasticy and not the greatest in hand. The plastic that spins around is not situated on bearings so when you are turning using this knob it feels smooth but not as smooth as something with bearings and grease. We would reccomend adding some spray grease just inside where it moves. Only time will tell if the plastic that you grab lasts as it is in constant contact with the metal section underneath.

If you are going to be using this on something other than a car steering wheel, like a sit on lawn mower, then remember to measure the fitting and the width of your steering wheel so that this will definitely fit.Pros

  • This one fits directly on top of the steering wheel, rather than being off-set
  • Good looking steering wheel knob
  • Easy to fit


  • Fitting may only be for thin steering wheels, may struggle on thicker steering wheels
  • Made of plastic and not chrome


A decent sporty looking steering wheel knob but it doesn’t fit the biggest steering wheels and is actually made of plastic, not chrome. So it feels a bit cheap in the hand and it may not last that long as it doesn’t use bearings to help it move around as your steer.

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