Best Caravan Towing Mirrors

If you are towing a caravan, boat, trailer with horses in it or something else which extends the length of your car, best towing mirrors are what you need and will help you see behind what you have at the rear of your vehicle.

All the mirrors we have reviewed have great visibility, some are bigger than others but they all still show what is behind what you’re towing with great clarity. Below you can see a demonstration of what sort of view you have with towing and without towing mirrors.

car towing mirror visibility field of view

The main thing we were looking for when reviewing was whether they vibrated or not on bumpy roads or whilst driving faster speeds on A roads, dual carriage ways and motorways.

One thing we learned with a couple of the mirror sets was to fit them first, then go for small drive and re-adjust to make sure they are tight again, when first fitted they can come a little bit loose as the plastic or material surrounding your cars mirror may stretch a little. Once this stretch has happened though they were all pretty tight and reliable, none in our testing actually fell off.

The Law

“If your trailer or caravan is wider than the rear of the towing car, you must fit additional towing mirrors”. If you don’t abide by this law you may get a 3 point penalty on your licence, can be prosecuted by the police or even a fine of up to £1,000 for each mirror infringement. One of the Milenco towing mirrors we review below comes as a single mirror, if you need one, make sure you purchase two for both sides of your vehicle.

A few other rules to adhere to when using your car towing mirrors and extenders:

  • Don’t drive around with them attached when nothing is being towed, this is an offence.
  • Make sure they don’t extend beyond 25cm of the side of what it is you’re towing. If you have an older car or vehicle, pre 2007, this max limit is 20cm out.
  • Do you have a clear field of view, 4m out from the side of your vehicle, van or what it is you’re towing? You should!
  • You should also be able to see 20m back from the position you are sat in when driving.

Buying Guide

After checking how each mirror was to fit, the main check was whether the mirror vibrated, as no matter how good it looks or easy to fit it is, it would be nigh on useless if it were to vibrate, shake about or move.

As well as this, we checked whether they can be adjusted and all of the reviews were or towing mirrors that you could adjust in different ways. You can adjust the distance out from your cars mirror with all of them, the tilt is adjustable as each come attached to a rod which you can move the mirror up, down, left, right, just like your own car mirror, just by hand.

Are They Fitted Correctly

When fitting them, it is best to do so with your partner or another person. We had one of us sit in the car drives seat and the other moving the car towing mirror in to place so that the following things could be seen by the driver:

  1. A clear vision of the road behind what you are towing, as well as the road surface along side the caravan, boat or trailer.
  2. A wheel arch of what you are towing, or at least half way down the trailer/boat or caravan, can you see a bit of the side of it?
  3. Can you see anything else on the side of what you are towing, such as a caravan grab handle or side light? If so, great.
  4. If you can see the front of what you are towing, they are probably angled in too much.
  5. If you can’t see any of the side of what you are towing then they are angled too far out.

We have chosen the Milenco Grand Convex Caravan Towing Mirror as the best of the bunch for multiple reasons over the other three we have reviewed.

  • It has a larger viewing area, you see so much more, not due to its size but the convex shape of the mirror too
  • It was without a doubt, the most stable we tested and fitted our wing mirror perfectly, we can’t test all wing mirrors but we’re sure this is universal
  • It was a bit more for the pair compared to the other three but we feel worth it, you should only have to buy this item once and you’ll be set for life

We also want to mention the Towsure Towing Mirrors. less than half the price of the Milenco Grand mirrors but still a very good towing mirror. The mirror was not as big, nor convex but they were super stable, you could adjust the length, angle and more and again, like the Milenco Grands, we believe would fit most car mirrors out there.

1Check price @ AmazonReview of Milenco Grand Convex Caravan Towing Mirror4.8/5££££
2Check price @ AmazonReview of Towsure Towing Mirrors Pair4.5/5££
3Check price @ AmazonReview of Milenco Aero Flat Towing Caravan Mirrors4.4/5£££
4Check price @ AmazonReview of Streetwize Caravan Towing Mirrors4.2/5£

Review of Milenco Grand Convex Caravan Towing Mirror

This is a review of the Milenco Grand Convex Caravan Towing Mirror, one of the largest and priciest towing mirrors on the market, we look at whether it is worth paying that little bit more for such a mirror. 

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Milenco Grand Convex Caravan Towing Mirror

Technical DetailsRating4.8/5Price££££WarrantyNoBrandMilencoNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions45 x 17 x 17 cmWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

Towing Mirror Build

This extra large mirror is built with quality in mind. The screws are made of stainless steel and screw into non corrosive brass inserts. The chrome safety glass of the mirror allows for long lasting durability and seems to be a tried and tested material used with other Milenco products in the past. The build complies with EU safety standards, with strong grip attachment the fixture provides a stable view while towing which you will not get while using a towing mirror that requires straps. 

The MIlenco Grand mirrors fit the majority of car makes and models however a consideration would be for cars such as a Mercedes ML which has automatic folding in of its wing mirrors, you want to make sure the towing mirror is secured in the correct position before doing this.

The size being quite large means that once removed from your car they are not the easiest to store away in your car, although they do come with their own blue zipped carry case which is worth wrapping the mirror in a cloth first before packing the mirror into the bag to protect it. 

Towing Mirror Design

The mirror shape is a convex shaped mirror, the convex mirrors provide a wider range of view. I have found the convex mirror can have its advantages especially on the drivers side wing mirror. It allows you to see overtaking cars coming along side the caravan. The added extra large size of the Milenco Grand the view is panoramic, this allows you to see the both the top and bottom of your caravan. The concern to think about is that with convex mirrors you may experience some distortion around the edge of the mirror as the mirror is curved.Pros

  • These mirrors are extra large
  • Come as a pack of two for both car wing mirrors
  • Comes in a dark blue zipped carry case
  • Provide good visibility and range from mirror
  • They are attached easily
  • Provide no vibration or wobbles to disrupt the image
  • ‘E’ Marked that means it complies with the lastest EU safety legislation
  • Spare parts are easily available if worn after a long period of use


  • They are highly priced
  • Whether convex style mirrors are for you
  • Large in size, not easy to store away.


The Milenco Grand is a top rated, with a deserving top price value for caravan lovers. Its size, stability and field of vision means that if you go off with your caravan regularly this will be worth the investment.  

Review of Towsure Towing Mirrors Pair

Our review of a pair of Towsure Towing Mirrors, two car mirror extenders used to see around a caravan, trailer or other towed vehicle like a boat.

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towsure towing mirrors

Technical DetailsRating4.5/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandTowsureNumber of seats0 seatsWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

These mirrors came as a pair, unlike one of the Milenco’s we reviewed and they look great, almost as good looking and sleek as the Milenco Grande. First problem arose when we opened up the packaging, no instructions came in the box. Not a problem for us, we’ve put some of these on before in our other tests you can read on this page.

Luckily after that initial instruction problem, or lack of, there doesn’t seem to be anything else wrong with these car mirror extensions and on our first drive out after fitting them they were completely stable. We didn’t get up to to high of a speed but managed some bumpy back roads around ours and they did very well.

When fitting them, even without instructions, it was pretty simple, these fit on the top of your car mirror, unlike others which fit on the entire back, or bottom of your car mirror.

A lovely bonus which we tested when parking inside a multi-storey car park was that when we tucked our mirrors in, these extender towing mirrors didn’t hit our car windows or the side of the car, so if you don’t want to take them off but need to pull your actual car mirrors in, this should be fine.

Overall, a well built and solid fitting pair of towing mirrors, they don’t come loose at all, even after fitting for the first time and once attached seem to stay attached. The view is very good and you can see behind your caravan, boat or trailer very well with the mirror.Pros

  • Once fitted, these will stay on and won’t budge
  • No crazy vibrations or movement when driving about on bumpy roads or at speed
  • Look really nice
  • You can still fold your car mirrors in to keep these out of the way of walls, posts or in tight parking spots
  • Really good price for these towing mirrors


  • No instructions so not the easiest to fit


Probably the best you can get for this amount of money, an affordable pair of towing mirrors with great visibility. If you don’t mind working out how to fit them yourself (no instructions), these should work well on nearly all car mirrors and for years to come.

Review of Milenco Aero Flat Towing Caravan Mirrors

This is a review of the Milenco Aero Flat style towing mirrors, a very popular model well suited for towing caravans. Read on for our opinion on the Milenco Aero. 

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Milenco Aero Caravan Towing Mirror

Technical DetailsRating4.4/5Price£££WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandMilencoNumber of seats0 seatsWeight100 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

Towing Mirror Build

This single (you only get one) mirror oozes good quality, the screws are excellent quality, made of stainless steel and screw into non corrosive brass inserts. The actual mirror itself is made from a chrome safety glass which means that this mirror is long lasting and will certainly do its job on many adventures you take with your caravan. 

To fit the mirror requires no straps, you simply tighten the screws into the rim of the wing mirror at the bottom, be careful when placing it on not to damage your car paintwork. The fixture provides a strong, stable fit, that will sit remain stable at 60 miles per hour and at motorway speeds.

Towing Mirror Design

The mirror shape is a flat shaped mirror, it’s slightly smaller than our main car mirror but it is zoomed slightly which means you see a smaller picture but everything in the picture is bigger, because of the zoom/focus. Personally I find you can judge the distance better this way with flat mirrors in comparison to convex. Generally the main problem with flat mirrors is they can suffer troublesome vibrations if your car tends to vibrate and cause quite a blurred picture. However the Milenco towing mirrors are known to be an exception to this rule due to the tight fastening of the screws in comparison to mirrors attached via straps. Pros

  • It can fit on either side of the car
  • Easy to attach
  • Secure and stable vision
  • Small sleek design, easy to store away
  • Good night vision
  • “E” Marked to comply with latest EU Safety legislation


  • Comes as only one mirror not one for both sides
  • Take care not to damage your paintwork when attaching the mirrors. 
  • Smaller mirror dimensions provided than that of the Milenco Grande


This is a good quality made, long lasting towing mirror that provides a stable view of the end of your caravan, provided at a very reasonable price. 

Review of Streetwize Caravan Towing Mirrors

In this review of the Streetwize caravan towing mirrors, we test out these car mirror extenders to see how they work whilst towing a caravan.

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streetwize car towing mirrors

Technical DetailsRating4.2/5Price£WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandStreetwizeNumber of seats0 seatsDimensions36.6 x 21.6 x 7 cmWeight1200 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

Our first test review for a towing mirror and although we’ve never used one before, it seems like a really well made item of quality, the price is quite reasonable too.

It has one strap, which is made of plastic to wrap around your wing mirror and it seems to fit perfectly on our fiat panda wing mirrors. They were very easy to fit to our wing mirrors and easy to take off too if you wish to remove them when not towing a caravan or other large trailer. You just leave the clamp on the cars mirror and remove the extending mirror.

We drove some very rough roads on our first outing and there was very little vibration which is one of the main points with owning a good mirror extender. They are of a good size, not too small and show quite a bit in their reflection.

There are 3 tightening areas, clamps and/or fastenings. The first is the clamp on to the wing mirror itself, this sits at the back of the wing mirror and as mentioned below, if you just double check this strap and its screws after its first drive about you should be fine. The second being the mirror itself can rotate on the bar to get the angle you want. The mirror didn’t move around or shake, the angle we chose for it seemed to hold still on our drives out. This was the same with the mirror arm which you use to extend out from your cars mirror. A silver metal rod is clamped in to place with a tightening screw, just choose the distance out from your cars mirror and tighten in to place.

A final tip is to make sure that once you have fitted it and drove around with it on, double-check the tension and tightness of the screws so that they are as tight as they can be. Because it’s a new product it may stretch a little with first use. We did a small 10 mile drive and then re-tightened it and then it was good to go for much longer journeys. This could be overcome if they weren’t made of plastic and instead, something like rubber.Pros

  • Easy fitting wing mirror extender
  • Can remove the mirror and leave the clamp in place when not towing a large trailer or caravan
  • Great price for what seems like a quality item
  • Doesn’t shake much or vibrate which is really important for long distance driving


  • The clamp strap fitting to your wing mirror can come a little bit loose after your first set up, this needs checking
  • Not for wing mirrors which curve in 2 directions, better for more square shaped wing mirrors


A great set of wing mirrors for towing a caravan or trailer, the visibility you gain is great as they use clear large mirrors. Very stable on rough roads but when first installed they are quite loose as the strap on the wing mirror must be stretching itself in to fit so that needs checking regularly.

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