Kids Car Bed

Transitioning from cot to a full size bed can be hard, in this comparison we have reviewed 4 of the best kids car beds for toddlers and young kids.

I remember having to share my bedroom with my little sister for years as we grew up, what fun I would have had with a racing car bed instead of a bunk bed. They are all pretty small, other than the Step2 which is almost a full size single bed so we could have probably put two of these beds in to one room, but make sure you check the size before you go through with this idea, so that they fit.

Whether you want a new cars toddler bed so that you can have your child eased in to having their first adult bed or if your child has been very good and deserves a really cool kids car bed that will excite them to bed, we hope that one of these reviews fulfills your need for a new car bed.

Some of the requirements we looked at to find the best car bed were;

  • That it was low enough for them to not hurt themselves if they fell out of bed.
  • Could be assembled by a parent and decals could be added or there was a fun part to the bed. The Step2 has a little race car track at the end when you use a smaller mattress.
  • Looks like a racing car so that the kid can get excited when going to bed

We also found some other positives we didn’t think of when researching them which we go through in more detail further down in the individual reviews.

We have rated the wooden car bed for boys as the best of the bunch, it comes flat packed and you need to assemble it but in the UK You get a free mattress with it and the USA has a really good price for just the car bed frame. It looks really good from the sides, like an actual racing car bed should and is one of the best prices of the four.

The storm and Step2 come in a close 2nd and 3rd, this is because that they both look the part, both very easy to assemble but are slightly more expensive. The Storm has front LED lights which is really cool but you need to place the bed next to a plug for this to work. If you want your child to grow with their awesome new racing car bed, then the Step2 is your choice of bed. It has space for a smaller cot size mattress and for it to be upgraded to a single/twin mattress. This means if you buy it when your child is 2 or 3 years old, they could potentially have it for year of fun!

The Disney Cars car bed comes in fourth because it is harder to put together and isn’t the real shape of a car like the other 3 car beds. It is a good price and if you don’t want to spend much we would still recommend it if they love Disney Cars.

1Check price @ AmazonReview of Wooden Racing Car Bed for Kids4.6/5££
2Check price @ AmazonReview of Storm Childrens Racing Car Bed4.7/5£££
3Check price @ AmazonReview of Step 2 Stock Racing Car Bed4/5££££
4Check price @ AmazonReview of Delta Disney Cars Bed for Toddlers4.2/5£

Review of Wooden Racing Car Bed for Kids

This is the first wooden racing car bed we have reviewed for toddlers and it has come in a flat pack box. We review this bed in this post and see how it compares to the others.

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wooden racing car toddler bed

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating4.6/5Price££WarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandMCCCategoryinfantNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions158*73*46 cmWeight21998 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

It has a red racing car pattern on the side of this boys car bed, we think they will love the design just as much as we do. It’s a low bed so that your child can get in and out with ease and without any problems or having to climb.

It is the first wooden race car bed we have reviewed and made fully from MDF which has been painted all over for a tough and good looking finish. The paint that has been used is non toxic eco paint which is what we like to see, only the best for the young-uns.

You get a free foam mattress with the UK car bed and the USA version comes without a bed, the mattress size you will need is 140 x 70 x 13 cm

Putting the bed together was easy, it is of the flat pack variety so comes in a smaller box than the size of the finished bed. Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll have it built in less than 20 minutes. Just follow the numbers that relate to each other and it will be up in no time.

It is a very sturdy design and will definitely last a young child jumping up and down on it. The UK version comes with a free mattress, we recommend getting a mattress topper as well for it because it is not the thickest and with a mattress topper you can choose how soft or hard you want the bed to be.

We absolutely love the profile of this bed from the side, it looks like a real racing car, although it doesn’t have the life like wheels of the others.

You will have to remember that this bed does not fit a single size duvet set, you will need to purchase a duvet set specifically for mid-size beds and toddler beds. Just check the sizes and go from there.Pros

  • Great looking wooden car bed
  • Perfect for your young child to move up from a cot to a bigger bed
  • Easy to assemble and is very sturdy
  • UK version comes with a mattress


  • Hard to think of a con for this car bed


A really solid car bed for toddlers, it doesn’t grow with the child but is a solid investment to move them from a cot up to a big boys bed. We love the price of it and we’re sure your child will love the bed just as much as we do.

Review of Storm Childrens Racing Car Bed

A racing car bed for children and toddlers which has working front LED lights and a great red finish to it. We check out how comfortable it is and how it compares to other car beds for kids.

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storm childrens racing car bed

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating4.7/5Price£££CordlessNoAccessories includedYesWarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandStormCategoryinfantNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions198cm (L) x 100cm (W) x 50cm (H)Weight24000 gSizesingleWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

This bed also comes with a mattress and working headlights, so the only thing you need when it is delivered is a bedding set that will fit and to plug the car bed in.

Once assembled, which doesn’t take long, this car bed looks fantastic, one of the best looking beds we have seen. It ias made of very strong blow moulded plastic. So it will be able to support your kid easily whilst they jump around and play cars with their new bed.

The mattress that is included is 160cm x 70cm x 7.5cm in size, so if you child is smaller than 155cm, they will be more than perfect for this racing car bed. We think this would suit a child up to 9 years old, but this is up to you and what your child wants.

The bed is very easy to assemble and can be done by an adult in less than 20 minutes. We love the look of the wheels as they aren’t just painted on decals like some others but look like the real thing.

The rear end looks as good as the front end, even though it doesn’t have any lights here, it’s not a problem to put the car side on to a wall if that is what is needed to fit in the room.

There are two modes for the front LED lights on the car bed, one flashes and one is fixed. The bed comes with the mains adapter which you can plug in to the light on the front right, this will then make both front lights work.

We think it is a real shame that it doesn’t come with batteries.Pros

  • Quick delivery from the company
  • Easy to assemble in just a few minutes
  • LED front lights look really cool in day and night
  • Really good looking kids car bed
  • Will help your child move from cot to a big bed


  • Although it has LED front lights, which are really cool, it limits the position of the bed because it needs to be plugged in for the lights to work
  • Not a full size single bed, so will have to find bedding that fits the mattress size


An awesome looking toddlers car bed which really looks the part. Has sleek racing car lines and is also very sturdy. One thing it has over others out there are the front LEDs, although a simple idea, it makes the car look much more real. Because it needs plugging in, it is let down by this feature as you are limited to where you want to place the bed in your childs room.

Review of Step 2 Stock Racing Car Bed

This is a review of the Step 2 stock racing car bed, which will grow with your kid as you can change it’s mattress size.

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step 2 stock racing car bed

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating4/5Price££££WarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandStep2CategoryinfantuniversalNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions49.2 x 89.5 x 23.6 inchesWeight55000 gSizesingleWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

What sets this car bed apart from the others is that you can put in two different size mattresses as your child grows. This means, you can start with a cot mattress and then move on to a single mattress as he or she gets bigger and grows with the bed.

This is quite a big bed and your young child may seem very small in it at first, but it has been made so that it grows in to it and that you get much more use out of the car bed, which we think is very clever. There is a downside to this, which we will talk about further down.

Above you can see a young child in the assembled bed and you may notice that there is space around the childs bed, this is because it is using a cot size mattress. The dimensions are 49.2 x 89.5 x 23.6 inches which you will notice are much bigger than what a small child of 2 or 3 years old would need.

With the dimensions of the bed, if your kids room is small, you may want to double check that it will fit first.

What we recommend is that if you are using the smaller size mattress, fill the sides with cuddly and soft toys or even long snake like toys. This will stop your kid from falling either side as they get used to the bed.

In the next image you will see a full size single/twin mattress has been used to fill the bed and looks great in the car frame.

The downside to having the full size single mattress in it is that if you use a thick mattress, more than 5 or 6 inches thick, it will stick out over the sides of the cars windows and will be unsafe for your child at night. They may roll to the side and roll straight out of bed.

Assembling the bed was straight forward, just 8 bolts and nuts to put together and it was ready to position in the bedroom. We really love the look of it once it was put together and that the front, back bumper are of a different colour and the wheels look real.

What is also really good with this car bed is that it comes with a huge sticker set so your kid can have fun for hours placing the stickers wherever they want.Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Can grow with your kid from 2-8 years old (or adults if they want as it is big enough)
  • Comes with a huge sticker set to put decals on your kids car bed
  • Looks really good


  • Need to use thin mattresses so your child does not fall out and the safety sides do their job
  • It is very very big, so if you have a 2 year old, you’re basically getting them a full size bed, but it will take a few years for them to grow in to


An amazing looks racing car bed for children, especially good because you can grow with it and save money on buying extra beds. The downside is the price of the bed.

Review of Delta Disney Cars Bed for Toddlers

This is a review of the Delta Disney Cars Bed for Toddlers, a bed made of steel and plastic which has the Cars branding and great for moving your child from the cot up to a bigger bed.

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delta disney toddlers car bed

Technical DetailsSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorNoFits 5 DoorNoRating4.2/5Price£Accessories includedYesWarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandDeltaCategoryinfantNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions76.83 (width) by 66.68 (height) by 145.16 (depth) cmWeight7000 gSizesingleWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

This is the only branded car bed we have reviewed and it’s by Disneys Cars. Quite fitting for a small childs first real bed. It is made of steel and plastic and is the lightest we are comparing. It has Lightning McQueen as the footboard and is a very sturdy bed, once assembled.

Because it is made of steel and plastic, it has more parts to it than the others, but again, comes flatpacked and you have to construct some of it yourself.  We have included a video at the bottom which walks you through the assembly of the disney cars car bed.

We have seen online that you should be fine using your crib mattress with this product, so you don’t need to buy a new mattress for it, which is great.

Like the others, its a low bed so falling out wont be too much of a problem as the height isn’t big. It is made of plastic sections which fit around the metal frame that you construct and finishes of the bed really well. The downside to this is that some of these stickered parts, on the plastic section can be taken off by a child. If your kid is destructive, we’d watch out for this.

Were this bed is really let down is with the support for the mattress, it just isn’t as strong as it doesn’t have struts going along the whole length of it. Unlike the others which have either wooden slats along the length or is completely solid from end to end.

If your child isn’t too big or jumps up and down a lot on their bed (which isn’t many) then this bed may need extra supports fitting underneath, a large wooden sheet would be perfect upgrade for it.Pros

  • Great price
  • If your child likes Disney Cars then they’ll like this
  • Low to the ground for safety reasons
  • Can use your previous mattress


  • Not the strongest and may need an extra support under the mattress if they are to play on the bed
  • Stickers can come off easily as it’s the stickers that make the car what it is, it’s not the best
  • Not the easiest to assemble, doing it with 2 people will help


A nice little car bed for your young child for them to upgrade out of their cot or smaller bed. Problem is that it isn’t shaped as well as the others, like an actual car, nor is it the strongest. There are better looking ones out there, but for the money it’s still a good investment if your kid would like a Disney Cars bed.Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Do Boys Car Beds Fit

We recommend that the ages from 2 til 8 are the best ages for a boys car bed, but it’s entirely up to the little one if they want one or not and whether they’ll fit in one.

Are Racing Car Beds Worth Getting

If you want to transition your young on to a bigger kids bed, then what could be more perfect than getting a racing car bed for him or her, if they’re scared of getting in to a bigger bed, something like this could help them out.

Are They Big Enough For Parents To Sit Down With Their Children

The beds we have reviewed you should be able to sit with your child with all of them, but the Step2 you can actually lie down with your child as it’s a full size single bed.

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