NAVISKAUTO 7″ Android Touch Screen Car Stereo in Dash

This is a review and look in to the Naviskauto 7″ touchscreen android car stereo and navigational tablet that you can fit in to your cars dash replacing your original stereo.


Here we are looking at an installed double din android touchscreen car stereo, woah thats a lot of words. It’s basically an android tablet with a 7″ screen that has been fitted on to a dash cage for you to install in to your car and connect up to your cars wiring. This means you can get audio through your speakers, check for errors with an OBD application amongst other things, much more than a regular car stereo.

The beauty of this is, it is run on Android 5.1, so you can theoretically install any Android application you may want and use it in your car, be it an offline gps navigation app, like, or an audio player to listen to your favourite podcasts and audio books. You also don’t lose out on the car stereo, you can download an app to play digital radio, because this will connect up to your aerial, so you can still listen to your fave station if you really want to, but at the same time still have your navigation working.

naviskauto car dash android touchscreen tablet double din headset


With the Naviskauto you get a 7″ touchscreen with a couple of real buttons on the side, 5.1 Android Lollipop (not the latest but good enough for all applications still) and bluetooth. These three things alone open up a world of opportunities.

You can get in to your car, sync your mobile phone via bluetooth which means you can make and receive calls, play music from your phone to your in car android dash head unit and much more.

Android 5.1 Lollipop allows you to download Android Auto if you don’t want to use the setup you get with Naviskauto as standard and any other application you may want to try. And it has a quad core CPU which means it should easily handle anything you throw at it.

What Other Features Does It Come With

  • Connect your steering wheel controls to the device
  • Use a rear view camera to see what is going on behind you, this is with the optional extra of the rear view camera
  • Mirror what the head unit sees on to your mobile phone, this is great if you want to play a video or show something to those sat in the rear seats of the car
  • Comes with all cables to basically plug and play with most cars
  • Supports FM/AM radio
  • GPS both online and offline maps can be used, so you can use Google Maps with GPS or use offline maps like and head for pre-set and bookmarked destinations

Review of the NaviskAuto 7″ Touchscreen Android Car Dash

As powerful as this thing is, the features it has are extensive, it doesn’t do it all perfectly, we’ll explain further here.

Making Calls

When testing we found that the microphone being used for calls was complete rubbish, first you have to place this somewhere in your car nearer to you the better. The problem we had is that our car isn’t that quiet inside and when talking to people through the device it was both loud over the mic and the sound was not of good quality. We tested this both at standstill, without the engine running and whilst we were out driving in different driving conditions.

If you wanted it for voice calling, we’d ask you to look elsewhere.

Listening To Music, Podcasts and Audio Books

The sound quality was pretty good, it sounded as good as our original stereo, if not better as we had some high quality songs played through the device and it worked well in our car. This goes the same for listening to FM/AM radio and audio books too. Also with the added bonus of being on Android you can download or use the inbuilt audio equaliser to make it sound better too.

Using Android In Your Car

This is the beauty of this device and why we have made this guide, you can use any number of applications to enhance your driving and enjoyment of your journeys and it’s all in one device. Everyone knows Android and linking it with Android Auto, if you desire will create a simple user experience throughout the device, or just stick to the standard look that you get on the device.

Hardware and Power

This is it’s second failing, we have another cheap chinese android tablet that we use around our home and that too has quad core processor and 1gb ram. It is perfect when using one or two apps, but as soon as you open more or you use GPS (Google Maps), Music and another app, it will slow down.

What we recommend here is vigilence, you will need to learn, with most devices that simply opening them all, leaving them open and running isn’t something that works on these small devices. As soon as you can get your head around managing that, you will be fine and you’ll be able to navigate to somewhere whilst listening to music with no problems on this device.

Maps & Navigation

The Android marketplace is your oyster, you can use online and offline maps. We prefer Google Maps but iGo and copilot are also good offerings and one offline maps like You can’t go far wrong with one of each and with the offlien maps you can save areas you want to go to or have been before and with the online maps just use it for small journeys to places you probably wont visit again or even get traffic updates.

Pros & Cons

  • Touchscreen
  • Android 5.1 which means all apps should work including Android Auto
  • A lot of inbuilt features and plugging it all in to your car by installing it in to your dash will open up even more
  • Not too hard to install in your car
  • Wish it was more powerful, 2gb ram would have been perfect but it just handles a couple of apps being used at the same time
  • Voice calls over the mic are poor for the person receiving the call
  • Google play can stop working every now and then, but this is only when you are trying to install new apps

Conclusion & where to buy

A very good intro in to android dash head unit as an android car stereo and navigational device. If you want to use it specifically for calls, hands free, you may have trouble on the line and people understanding what you are saying. If you want to use it for a number of apps at the same time, such as navigation and music, it will just handle this.

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