Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Carburetors and Engine Parts


Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Carburetors and Engine Parts

πŸ”¬ Scientifically Engineered for Precision Cleaning: Dive into the future of cleaning with the scientifically engineered ultrasonic cleaner solution. Designed to combat dirt, varnish, gums, and other stubborn contaminants that accumulate on carburetors, valves, and heat exchangers, both inside and out.

πŸ’₯ Highly Effective & Advanced Formula: Experience the power of billions of microscopic bubbles, meticulously formulated to implode upon contact with immersed parts in our cleaning solution. This advanced concentrated formula ensures that even the most stubborn carbon, dirt, and grease residues are broken up and removed effortlessly.

πŸŒͺ Thorough & Delicate: The magic lies in the minute bubbles. They’re so tiny, they can infiltrate the smallest cracks, crevices, and blind holes, areas that are impossible to reach with conventional cleaning methods. And the best part? They do so without causing any harm to your delicate parts.

⚑ Swift & Eco-friendly: Time is of the essence. Once your parts are submerged and the cleaning process begins, witness a rapid and environmentally friendly cleaning action like never before.

🌿 Safe, Non-Toxic & Environmentally Conscious: Crafted with utmost care, the Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Carburetors and Engine Parts is non-toxic and safe for all metals, including but not limited to aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc. It’s free from harmful ingredients like borates, phenols, nitrates, and butyl cellusolve. Plus, it’s pH neutral and kind to our planet. While it’s non-hazardous to dispose of, always be mindful of local disposal guidelines.

πŸ”§ Versatile Applications: This isn’t just a cleaner; it’s a versatile tool in your maintenance arsenal. Perfect for car carburetors, motorcycle parts, ultrasonic carb cleaning kits, engine components, heads, valves, seats, rockers, and so much more.

πŸ’‘ Optimized for Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines: The Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Carburetors and Engine Parts is not just any cleaning fluid; it’s specifically formulated for ultrasonic cleaner machines, ensuring optimal results with a wide range of engine alloys. And while it’s designed for multiple uses, always remember, a fresh solution ensures the deepest clean.

Breaks Up and Removes Carbon, Dirt, Grease Residue and More!
When the bubbles implode contaminants are quickly and safely blasted away from wetted surfaces without damaging delicate carburetor parts.

Scientifically Engineered
Once parts are placed in the cleaner basket with this ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors solution, and cleaning initiated, parts can be very quickly cleaned in an safe and friendly manner.

Advanced Concentrated Cleaning Formula
This concentrated carb cleaning solution is formulated to take advantage of the ultrasonic machines implosion of billions of minute vacuum bubbles when they contact parts immersed in our ultrasonic cleaning solution.

Multiple Use Cases
Perfectly designed for you car carburetor cleaner, motorcycle carburetor cleaner, ultrasonic carb cleaning kit, engine components,
heads, valves, seats, rockers, and more.

Contains 100% High- Energy Solvent Technology
Our carburetor cleaning fluid has been formulated specifically for use in an Ultrasonic Cleaner machine and works very well with carburetors, valves, fuel injectors, engine parts etc. and gives amazing results with many alloys used in engines.

PH Neutral and Friendly To The Environment
The solution is non-hazardous to dispose of (i.e., it may be flushed down the drain), but be aware of contamination from the item you’re cleaning. Please verify your local disposal guidelines and restrictions.

Safe on All Metals
This Ultrasonic solution is safe on all metals including aluminum, aluminum alloys, brass, cast iron, copper, copper alloys, ferrous metals, magnesium, yellow alloys, zinc, and coins. Does not contain borates, phenols, nitrates or butyl cellusolve.

Scientifically Formulated for Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
The fluid can be reused until it becomes unclean. Although there is no set guideline for when to replace the fluid, the purpose of an ultrasonic cleaner is to clean deeply and thoroughly. Solution is usually in need of replacing after 2-3 normal uses or after it looks dark and dirty.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Carburetors and Engine Parts
Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution for Carburetors and Engine Parts
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