Reveiw of Hangerworld Car Clothes Headrest Hanger

This is a review of the Hangerworld Car Clothes Headrest Hanger


The Hangerworld Car Clothes Headrest Hanger is quite an interesting design. It is very wide at 43.5 cm and also once fitted in the car reaches up about 35cm taking it unusually high for a clothing hanger. At both shoulder points of the chrome are two rubberised sleeves help to keep my clothing in place while driving. This is perfect for a dress or longer item of clothing. Another thing with it is that it has two horizontal points, which aren’t very big but could fit trousers on them if they are pegged to it underneath a jacket or shirt which would be put on top. I don’t think this was designed for this but it definitely works as a multi clothing hanger.

Hangerworld Car Clothes Headrest Hanger

To attach the hanger to the posts you will need to simply push the soft rubberised clips around both posts. There is some room to it to fit different size post and head rest poles with the most suitable being a rounded chrome pole.


Hangerworld Car Clothes Headrest Hanger


The hanger allows for clothes to be hung safely without creases or wrinkles. The set up is a little bouncy and does move up and down a little bit which I found some what annoying. This is a great travelling companion for a solo driver but if carrying passengers this would be quite inconvenient to the comfort of their travel due to its size and movement.

Hangerworld Car Clothes Headrest Hanger

To be able to make use of this hanger you will need to have enough room above your head, therefore if your car has a low ceiling you will not be able to hang any clothing on to it making it unusable. The awkward shaped size of the hanger means it cannot be easily stored in its assembled shape however it can be stowed away if you take the chrome out of the rubber connector legs it can then go under the seat of the passenger seat  conveniently.

Pros & Cons

  • High quality material
  • Strong
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Has non slip rubber attachment to reduce movement of clothing in transportation
  • Suitable for nearly all car types
  • Available for next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Can be stowed away when dismantled
  • Quite wide and tall
  • Can sit too high in some cars that it touches the roof

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a general all round good clothes hanger for your car. It is not the most sturdiest and will only suit high roomy vehicles but it is easy to fit and will transport your clothes crease free.

HANGERWORLD Car Van Chromed Metal Head Rest Coat Hanger Jackets Clothes Seat Travel Storage.

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