Review of 8 Ball Steering Wheel Knob

Review of an 8 ball steering wheel spinner knob for your cars steering wheel, this is a quirky and fun knob that can help aid you when steering if you have a problem using both arms.


Probably the best looking steering wheel knob we have reviewed, looks awesome on any steering wheel but it does seem to have its downsides.

8 ball steering wheel knob


if you’re in to pool or snooker, this is the one for you. It took just two minutes to install on to the wheel and fitted our thin Panda wheel very easily, this may not fit with thicker steering wheels or ones which have a steering wheel cover on top of it.

After we had fitted it we lubed it, as we learned from the other plastic Type-R spinner, with a little bit of spray grease it stopped squeeking and you can use some WD-40 or something similar to make it move more smoothly and stop it making a little noise when in use.

8 ball steering wheel knob


It screws together using a bolt and nut system, not like the other ones with allen bolts so this bit sticks out a little more compared to others.

Pros & Cons

  • 8 ball style steering wheel knob
  • Easy to fit
  • Should fit all steering wheels, speed boats, vans, cars, lawn mowers etc
  • Great price
  • Made of plastic so not the most comfortable and if your hands get sweaty it can slip on it
  • Doesn’t fit bigger and thicker steering wheels
  • Needs to be sprayed with WD-40 or spray grease for it to squeek less

Conclusion & where to buy

A very funny and comical steering wheel knob, would be great on any vehicle with a steering wheel, whether that is a lawn mower, camper van, speed boat or something to help you turn but look good at the same time.

Lucky 8 Ball Steering Wheel Assister Knob Easy Steer

as of June 1, 2024 9:14 am


3.3 x 2.9 x 0.2 inches


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