Review of AA Ultimate First Aid Kit

This is a review of the AA Ultimate First Aid Kit


The AA first aid kit comes in a compact soft nylon case. It is hand size so it can go into your glove compartment easily. As well as in the pouches to the back of your seats. Personally I would rather it did say “First Aid Kit” in big letters on the bag as for anyone rummaging around in a car looking for a first aid kit, this doesn’t distinctly shout out at you, instead it looks more like a wash bag.

AA Ultimate first aid kit open

Included inside the case is:

6 x wound dressings (10cm x 10cm)
2 x triangular badges (136cm x 96cm x 96 cm)
2 x first aid dressings (40cm x 60cm)
1 x first aid dressing (60cm x 80cm)
3 x first aid compress (8cm x 10cm)
2 x bandages (4m x 6cm)
3 x bandages (4m x 8cm)
1 x emergency blanket (160cm x 210cm)
8 x adhesive plasters (10cm x 6cm)
1 x pair of scissors
1 x adhesive tape (5m x 2.5cm)
1 x information sheet
1 x emergency procedures sheet
The kit contains a variety of different bandages and plasters and a helpful first aid information sheets however the kit does not contain gloves, tweezers, eye wash or antiseptic wipes. I would say this is a kit helpful for minor cuts and scrapes.

To the plastic protecting the items, there is helpful advice on their usage.


Pros & Cons

  • Compact
  • Easy to access
  • Contains many bandages and plasters
  • Helpful for minor cuts and scrapes
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Missing key items to be called an Ultimate first aid kit
  • Does not appear water resistant or proof
  • Looks more like a wash bag than a first aid kit

Conclusion & where to buy

If you want something that will keep you stocked up on plasters and soft bandages for a while, this is a bumper pack full of these first aid items. There aren’t many other items in the pack, but you wouldn’t have to keep on re-filling it with plasters.

Maybe if this was shared with a separate kit that had small tools and equipment in it, it would make a fantastic motoring first aid kit.

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