Review of AoE Performance Car Headlight Eyelashes

This is a review of AoE performance vinyl car headlight eyelashes, probably the cheapest and most versatile on the market.


The AoE performance vinyl car headlight eyelashes are easily applied using self adhesive tape to wherever looks best making it easily universal for use of a variety of car makes.

Pros & Cons

  • Fits many different car makes
  • Potentially the cheapest on the market
  • Great for decorating at a girly occasion, hen party, bridal shower.
  • Not very robust not good in bad weather
  • Not to be used on the motorway to be used more for city and countryside driving
  • Instructions not written in English

Conclusion & where to buy

The AoE performance car eyelashes are great as a stocking filler for the price. They are versatile and look great, however if you are looking for a long lasting look for your car this is not what your looking for.

Car Eyelashes FITS ALL CARS Pair of Universal Curly Sexy Car Headlight Eyelashes Decal Sticker Vinyl By AoE Performance




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