Review of Clone Wars (Star Wars) Safety Belt Cover

In to sci-fi and Star Wars? You can’t go far wrong with this Clone Wars Safety Seat Belt Cover


Are you a Star Wars fan, or your child is or you’re in to anime and Clone Wars? Who doesn’t want Yoda on their car seat belt cover!?

This is a funky car seat belt cover with an awesome Clone Wars animation on one side. Just like the others, it uses velcro to wrap around the car seat belt and secure in to position.

It has a lovely feeling to it, made of a neoprene like foam which sits comfortable on your neck and chest as you drive along in your car. This would be great in all seasons and definitely helps towards neck rub from an uncomfortable seat belt.

Pros & Cons

  • Animated Clone Wars seat belt cover, whats not to like!?
  • Comfortable foamy cushioning on your neck
  • Great price
  • Black with picture on should suit all cars
  • Great for any Star Wars fan

Conclusion & where to buy

A great car seat belt cushion with a Clone Wars branding on it.

Safety Belt Pads Car Seat Belts Covers for Kids ❤ Genuine Disney ❤ Premium Quality (Star Wars)

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Martin Shaw
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