Review of Fox Hunter Carport Car Canopy

A fully waterproof carport car shelter which could be used as a temporary cover for your car when doing work on it or cleaning it in bad weather.


A great carport that we erected in less than 2 hours together, the instructions weren’t the clearest, definitely not as good as the Palram carport instructions but we have plenty of tent and gazebo experience and got it up rather easily.

Really simple product and will do exactly what you want, cover and protect your car, or even use for parties and gatherings as it can be moved around easily. Once erected, you can move it around, over your car, in to a parking space, even with just 2 people, it isn’t that heavy. We recommend using some latex, gardening gloves or other type of glove as some of the pole framing came with grease on it, maybe to stop it rusting, but it got on our hands as we erected it.

foxhunter carport car shelter


It has 2 doors, front and back, so you can seal it up if this is required. It is made of steel and bolts together which makes it super strong. It’s not heavy enough to withstand really heavy winds, we’d recommend some leg weights which you can fill with sand or water and attach to the steel legs of this shelter to hold it in place. You can also bolt it down, there are holes to attach bolts too if you want to make it more of a permanent carport.

foxhunter carport car shelter


Above yu can see the bolts holding it together and how the outer shelter straps on to the framing.

Once you have fitted all of the steel tubing together and created the frame its as simple as pulling the sheeting over and fitting it to the frame. You’ll end up with the cover just touching the ground all the way around and a complete car shelter for you ready to use.

Once we had erected it, one problem we realised is that although it seems fully waterproof, it is not breatheable, which means that condensation builds up on the inside of the shelter.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to build, can be done by yourself
  • Built and set up within a couple of hours
  • Fully waterproof
  • Can be a permanent or temporary fixture, bolted down or put away
  • Great price
  • Can be used for garden parties as well as a car shelter
  • Condensation builds up inside
  • Doesn’t look as good as other permanent carports and shelters, like the Palrams

Conclusion & where to buy

A great, simple carport. Build it up in no time and park your car inside. Great for temporary use if you are fixing your car or doing work on it over a few days, or even protecting it from bad weather and debris from trees.

BIRCHTREE Heavy Duty Waterproof 3m x 6m Carport Party Tent Canopy White 180g Polyester Steel Frame

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