Review of Foxwell NT200 DIY OBD2 Scanner OBD II/EOBD Diagnostic Tool

This is a review of the Foxwell NT200 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool and Fault Code Reader


The NT200 Do It Yourself OBDII car diagnostic tool by Foxwell. If you are after a code reader for your car, this could be the diagnostic tool you need.

Lets get what this little tool does out in to the open, if you have a light come on in your cars dash, an error is being shown, this diagnostic tool once connected will show your the code and fault and will allow you to erase them, so that the next time you start your car, there won’t be any faults.

If you get charged for your local garage to check your faults, then this little device will be able to do the same job, over and over and after a couple of faults show, it will have paid for itself.

foxwell nt200 diy car diagnostic tool


It’s a really simple diagnostic tool with only two buttons, we tested the little device in our Fiat Panda and we can connect to the OBD2 connection whilst sat in the drivers seat, the cable length is great for plugging in and testing from inside your car, as long as your OBD connection and port isn’t in a weird spot.

You can find out what fault you have and if it isn’t serious, you can clear your faults without any problems, that’s how simple this tool is.

foxwell diy obd diy car diagnostic tool


The diagnostic tool has a USB port on the bottom which you can use to update the device through Foxwell’s update tool on their site. Below we’ll look at exactly what this device offers in its features.

  • Foxwell NT200 car diagnostic tool can read and erase the fault codes.
  • Show the codes definitions directly, no need look up library from Internet or the User Manual.
  • Turn off the MIL and reset monitors.
  • Displays live vehicle sensors data, freeze frame data, emission testing, monitor and I/M readiness status and PCM data stream.
  • Retrieves vehicle information (VIN,CID and CVN).

If you wish to check your cars engine status, check what a light means on your dash and want to clear your faults, this tool will do that and more. If you wanted to double check all of the cars details, VIN number, this Foxwell NT200 will do that too.

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing price for a great little device, it will do the basics of any diagnostic tool and save you money at the garage
  • Easy to plug in and see what error codes are showing
  • Check the exact information of the vehicle
  • Easy to use device, two buttons
  • Lifetime updates from Foxlink using the USB port to connect to a pc
  • Its hard to think of a downside to this device

Conclusion & where to buy

A great simple little tool, if you need to read error codes, this diagnostic tool will do that in an easy manner, no fussing and will help you clear them too with a easy to use interface, just plug in and go through the menu.

Autel AutoLink AL319 Universal OBD2 Reader Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool Vehicle Engine Fault Code Reader

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