Review of Frostfire Universal Car Seat Cover

This is a review of the Frostfire Universal Car Seat Cover. A basic car seat cover that will help protect your seats from spillages and stains. The Frostfire universal car seat cover is one of the most popular car seat covers you can get for little money. It is made of waterproof material which helps it do it’s job in protecting your car and vans front seats.



Fitting this Frostfire universal car seat cover is very simple, once you open up the packaging, just sit the cover on top of the seat and fit the straps around the back. There is nothing more to it, this car seat cover will be fitted to your front seat in a matter of seconds. From there, it will keep your car seat looking like new and void of any stains or dirt.


It uses a nylon type fabric which is waterproof and hard wearing, so you know if you spill something whilst sat in your car or you’re wearing clothes with dirt or other liquids on them, your seat will be fine. Nylon is great for holding off spillages, it won’t absorb the liquid or dirt either.

Keeping Clean

This is machine washable but being nylon and hard wearing you will be able to wipe this car seat cover clean if you do get any liquid or dirt on it.

Other Notes

This car seat cover takes the shape of your car seat so once you have fitted the Frostfire universal car seat cover you know you will still have the comfortable seat you’ve always had, just with the added bonus of now being waterproof and lasting longer.

Pros & Cons

  • Universal fitting so you should be able to fit it on your car seat
  • Being black, this colour suits all cars and wont clash
  • Good for stopping spillages, stains and soiling your lovely car seats
  • Cheap price, one of the cheapest you can buy
  • Quick delivery, on Amazon Prime if you want it next day
  • Thin material
  • Doesn’t fit bigger car seats

Conclusion & where to buy

Although it isn’t universal, it should fit smaller to medium sized car seats and for the price is a good product at stopping spillages and soiling your car.

Carseatcover-UK® Universal Front Pair of Heavy Duty Leather Look Seat Covers Protector for Car Vans 4x4 MPVs SUVs

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15.4 x 12.6 x 4 cm


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