Review of Ganvol Anti-Slip Car Dash Sticky Mat

This is a review of the Ganvol Anti-Slip Car Dash Sticky Mat.


I have to say I have quite a heavy phone (a CAT S60) and my phone really showed how strong this well made but cheap to buy little pad is. The first things you notice is that it is strong and it is sticky! I have also tried it with keys, sunglasses and it works a treat.

Ganvol Anti-Slip Car Dash Sticky Mat

To stick the pad down you just need to peel the plastic of the back and press down. What I would say is make sure you know where to put it before you stick it down as it is a little tricky to remove. The pad is made of a material that can actually be cut and trimmed to fit unusual shape spaces or just to make it a little smaller.

Ganvol Anti-Slip Car Dash Sticky Mat


It comes as a twin pack so you also use both pads to carry more items at once or keep one as a spare. I have particularly found it useful for holding my phone for GPS, for when you want to find somewhere quickly and put your phone on to Google Maps, stick the phone on the pad and off you go.

Ganvol Anti-Slip Car Dash Sticky Mat


The phone will stick to the pad really well, it isn’t just an anti-slip mat, it works by being anti slip and sticky with little nodules on it all at the same time. So remember to just place your phone down gently and that will more than suffice in keeping it where you want it.

One great feature to this pad is that it is easily washable! With its sticky ability it can attract dirt and debris so being able to clean, wash and off we go again is wonderful.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong adhesive
  • Works on either a plastic or leather dashboard
  • Can be washed when it gets dirty
  • Does not leave any residue on your dashboard
  • Cheap
  • The pad can be cut or trimmed to fit certain spaces
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Difficult to remove your phone from the pad
  • Attracts dirt and debris

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a very sticky pad that is cheap, washable and strong enough to hold your favourite and necessary in car gadgets.

Ganvol (2 Pack Anti-slip Car Dash Sticky Pads, Heat Resistant Non-Slip Mats, Dashboard Holder (14 x 7 cm)- Leave no Residue Don't Melt under Hot Temperature - When Dusty, Wash and Reuse as New


13.5 x 7 cm



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