Review of Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner

This is a review of the Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner, a budget range hoover that is supplied with a multitude of cleaning tools. Read on for for more information on our experience of this vacuum cleaner.


Suction Strength

The suction power of this particular car vacuum hoover is well designed to focus on picking up all sorts of small bits such as dust, fluff and grit. For dog owners this is the perfect type of cleaner picking up the majority of pet hairs. However the power is not going to be anywhere near as good as a house hold hoover so If you have several dogs that moult heavily you would be better extending a cable to use your household hoover.

The variety of different suction nozzles really help remove dirt from each area of your car, the soft rubber extending crevice tool allows you to reach those hard yo access sections of your car under and between your seats. On you soft furnishing the brush tool is ideal in catching debris without damaging the material.

Hikeren Vacuum Cleaner In Progress


Overall Size

The Hikeren vacuum cleaner is made of a hard plastic and looks sleek in its design. The easy grip handle making it easy to quickly swing it around your car for a quick clean up. Its noise limiting feature means it is also quieter than other models at a maximum of 75dB. The 5 metre long cable means you are likely to reach all areas of your car with ease.


Ease of use

This vacuum cleaner is light enough for you to be able to hold and very portable in its style and also with its carry case to be moved between cars. It is robust that if you drop it or it rolls around in your boot it should still work fine. Additionally with the choice of suction tips allows you options that you wouldn’t get on other car hoover models where you may find yourself with only one option spending more time trying to suction up something where this model with the right tool would do in a few moments. To empty the vacuum cleaner it is very simply a case of un-clipping the front part taking off the filter section and emptying it straight into the bin.



Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner empty


Pros & Cons

  • Comes with multiple cleaning end tips to reach different parts of your car
  • Great at cleaning up dirt and debris
  • Comes with a nylon carry bag
  • Small in size, easy for storing
  • Portable
  • Long cable allows you to reach and clean your car boot
  • Not as powerful as using a household hoover

Conclusion & where to buy

This isn’t a top of the range hoover but for its value for money it is a winning car vacuum cleaner, with its quiet mechanism, robust yet sleek design. If you haven’t already got a hoover in your car you need at least this cheap little one. You can also check our Best Car hoover and portable vacuum roundup.

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