Review of Ipow Car Emergency Escape Tool

This is a review of the Ipow Car Emergency Escape Tool


The Ipow emergency hammer is a straightforward piece of kit. It comes as a pack of two so that you can give one to a loved one or as most families have at least two cars, have one in each car.

The hammer is double headed so it has two steel points that can be used to shatter the car windows of your car in an emergency to escape.

It is a sturdy device weighing 170 grams using hard plastic and stainless steel. The handle that you hold feels ergonomically made easy to grip and clasp in the palm of your hand.

Ipow Car Emergency Escape Tool

To the base of the hammer is a seat cutter which is very easy to use with safeguarded razor blades, you just need to slightly angle the hammer to hook onto the seat belt and pull it and it will pull through the webbing of the seat belt.

The hammer come with a mount to be screwed and fixed to the car door. The mount is a little flimsy so I have choosen not to use it and instead keep securely in a soft pencil case in the side pocket of the door.


Pros & Cons


Double sided hammer

  • Straightforward design
  • Sturdy and well made hammer
  • Ergonomical grip
  • Comes as pack of two
  • Includes storage rack for mounting
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime

Mount is a little flimsy

Conclusion & where to buy

The Ipow emergency hammer is a double headed straight forward device that only requires a better mount to improve its ability.

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