Review of Kingavon Stainless Steel 12V Electric Mug

    This is a review of the Kingavon Stainless Steel 12V Electric Mug, a simple yet practical car kettle. There are many like this car kettle where many companies have rebranded it.

    Kingavon Stainless Steel 12V Electric Mug


    Technical Details
    0 minutes
    Hand held
    16.5 cm x 8.5cm
    299 g
    Next Day Delivery

    The stainless steel travel mug by Kingavon is a simple and easy travel mug. I have to say I have owned a few similar to this n the past, just without the 12v connection. They are incredibly cheap, but you can't buy them via Amazon Prime so you have to wait a few days for delivery. An important factor with this mug is it is not a kettle, you add your hot water when at home and this mug will then keep your hot beverage warm.

    This makes it a great day tripping mug or to use for long days at work where you want your favourite hot drink at the ready and warm.

    Travel mug detachable lead

    It is made from stainless steel with a hard plastic lid and a fairly long cable to go into your cigarette lighter in the car. The detachable power supply means it turns from a heating mug to an easy drinking mug that can happily sit in a drinking holder. It has a non slip base to the mug and the lid has a sliding opening to drink from the lid or take the lid off. My main gripe with this mug is it needs regular cleaning and I tend to find your hot drinks after a while taste a little plastic/metallic. It is hard to describe but similar tastes come from other mugs that we have had previously that look the same and use similar materials.

    Travel mug with lead

    Whether you will like this product or not is dependant on your version of "warm" and if you like that version. As there is no temperature gauge it is best to imagine that you have left your tea or coffee standing for about 10 minutes I would say. For some this may be perfect. I felt it worked well at keeping it warm but then it depended on your length of time away from your vehicle. If you are about to drink it as soon as the vehicle has stopped then you have the best deal here. Either way you really have not paid a great deal for an item that could brighten your day especially if it is a cold day. 

    That is where this mug comes in to its own, on a cold winters day, like now, you know that your tea or coffee will last more than a few minutes, even in a cold car. Look forward to a drink that takes a lot longer to cool, so if you have a long commute, this could be the perfect accompaniment to your daily drive.

    • Simple and easy to use design
    • Non slip base
    • Cheap
    • Stainless Steel material
    • Does not boil
    • Depends on your definition of "warm" whether you will be happy with it. 
    • No temperature gauge. 
    • No next day delivery 

    The Kingavon travelling mug is a heater and not a kettle. Perfect for those journeys where you enjoy a nice warm drink sat in your car or van after a good long hike, bike ride or dive. 

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