Review of Koolertron Heated Car Seat Cushion Cover

Fitting The Koolertron Heated Car Seat Cushion

The Koolertron heated car seat cushion is intended for the drivers seat. Its simplicity as a cushion pad, makes it universal for the majority of car/van or truck seats.It uses a charger that needs to go into the cigarette lighter, this works very well for cars with left hand drive but as the charger is connected from the right side of the seat cushion you will need a USB extender to reach the cigarette lighter of a right hand drive car.

Koolertron Heated Car Seat Cushion

Technology of the Heated Seat Pad

The material is made of a soft comfortable padded polyester. With just three settings; LO , HI and OFF makes for ease of use and adjusting the temperature for personal preference.

Martin Shaw
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